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Just one of those things


Vermilion is one of those colors once seen, never forgotten. It can be exceedingly subtle or ridiculously obstreperous.

I love vermilion, true vermilion, made of mercury sulfide, even though it comes with all manner of warning label and can be tricky to work with.

But lately, vermilion has been elusive — even if one is willing to drop a Franklin for a 30 ml tube. As a result, some of my projects have had to be put on hold.

It wasn’t my fault. Amazingly, I did the responsible thing. I ordered some genuine vermilion oil paint on Dec 31, well ahead of when I expected to need it.

I was told it would ship Jan 8 because it was back ordered, and I would have it January 14. As it was only two weeks, I thought, fine.

Two weeks later I was sent an email. My vermilion was still back ordered and now would be sent March 5th!

On March 14th, just as I was getting my hopes up it was due on my doorstep shortly, I was sent another email. The vermilion was still back ordered and would now ship April 26th.

It may seem odd to wait 4 months (or possibly more) for a tube a paint. But vermilion is worth it, and the upside of all this waiting is it’s made me realize that there are things worth waiting for, and things not.

To that end, I emailed my publisher and asked that all my books be removed from the catalog. I don’t want to write or be involved in writing or publishing anymore.

Nothing wrong, but I’ve had my fun. Now, I want to do other fun things.