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For everyone in “Processing” on Barnes & Noble Pubit!

As you may recall, my publisher ran into some issues with Barnes & Noble selling the Nook version of Lily Does Sweden. Notably the stated “24-72 hour” processing time extended to . . . one week, two weeks, three weeks . . .  and counting.

After a bit of a research, turns out a lot of people are having their books stuck in processing limbo for weeks on end.  Not something B&N really wants the world to know, so not something they post prominently.

The recommendation from B&N on the support boards was simply to go in and redo the setup and upload of the title as if it were a brand new book.  According to a few people who have had success with redoing the title, the redo seem to make the B&N system kick the first version out for sale.

I know. So weird!

Lily Does Sweden was “redone” on Saturday so, with any luck, it will be up for sale as a Nook later this coming week.

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2012.  It turns out, the entire epub had to be redone from scratch. As soon as that was done, the third upload — yes, the third time really is a charm — went right away on sale.