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The Page Count Perk / Pitfall

One of the best perks and worst pitfalls in being a famous author (or self-published) is that your books can be just as long as you want them to be and your publishing house will never call you on it.

  •  Harry Potter: Book 1 is 128 pgs; Book 7 is 784 pgs. Out of control, exponential growth of over 500%.
  • Twilight increased over 35%. However, there were fewer books in the series and the first book was larger to begin with. Book 1 : 544 pgs; Book 4: 768 pages.
  • Shades of Grey increased only 10% over the 3 book series. Book1 : 524 pgs; Book 3 : 592 pgs.

Famous authors get trapped in marketing, merchandising and making a buck by having their books turned into movies. It’s not surprising. People write to make a living. I certainly don’t object to that! Self-published authors get into trouble because no one tells them stop. Most don’t have editors. Few friends who might read it in advance will bring the hammer down.

Still, it’s a sad when a good book gets picked up by a big six publishing house (which does have editors!) and turned into a series, which is then sold to Hollywood. It means the author is now going to expound (at great length, unimpeded) on a topic over the course of X number of books and in a way that’s going to make for a good movie.

I don’t mind big individuals book — James Michener, Margaret Mitchell, MM Kaye, Tolstoy, James Clavell — I’ve read them all. Or a hefty series — although even John Jakes’s largest series (which began with The Bastard)  and ran to 9 books only grew 50% (topping out at Book 9 — 817 pgs), which was hardly enormous considering the series was relating a detailed history of the US!  But, I have to admit, for me, these days size matters.

I just don’t bother to read a book over 300 pages anymore and I prefer my books to be 125 to 250 pages — even if the books are part of a series. In that past, this wasn’t a problem. Agatha Christie wrote book after book, most of them part of a series (Miss Marple; Poirot), but she never wrote a long book. She never allowed her fame to make her forget her readers and, too, I think her publisher made sure all her works got a good editing and were kept at a manageable size for readers.

I can understand a modest increase  in page count over a long series covering complex material. Often times with a series there are more details to wrap up, as well I know. Book 1 of my Sarsfield Hexology is 226 pages, Book 6 is 271. However, 20% growth over 6 books is not bad when the maximum page count is still only 271! All the books are of a size that’s easy to read over a weekend or holiday, because I considered that in the writing of them.

Anyway, I think if I could wish any gift upon a writer, especially a truly famous one (or a self-published one), it would be the gift of an honest, fearless editor. That alone would save the world from so many enormous wild turkeys!

This is the end of the innocence.

As you know, Indra is all about letting the good times roll, but alas there moments, when for the good of her sex, she must confess, not all ladies are high rollers.

Case in point, Kristen Stewart. Oh, the photos we’ve seen.  For shame. For shame, Rupert Sanders, that is. 

Any woman with a rudimentary sense of vision will tell you, these are the photos of a deeply unhappy young woman who is not enjoying in any way being touched by this man. And good god, she’s a talented actress too. If she is so repulsed by this chap she can’t even fake an attraction, how truly awful she  must have found his attentions. 

Although some source states Ms Stewart was “totally into him,” I would suspect, from her expressions, Ms Stewart felt forced into a sexual relationship with this man twice her age because he was her boss and a powerful Industry type who could ruin her career if she didn’t “cooperate”. 

She certainly does not appear to be a young woman in charge of herself, choosing to enjoy a fling with an older more experienced man because she’s grown a bit bored of  her faithful young swain (intellectually or otherwise). That would be more Indra’s style.

Still, I could have respected that if it were a choice freely made by a young woman. (I could not have endured her rude treatment of Mr Pattinson however. If you are done with a man, tell him so. If you are not,  remain faithful unless you have both agreed  a committed but open relationship.)

However, returning to the situation at hand, in my humble opinion, I would suspect the victimized Ms Stewart probably hoped the Sanders “fling,” which she herself appears disgusted by, would mercifully end with the conclusion of the movie’s press junket and never, ever  come to light.

Sadly such dangerous liaisons always do to come to light. Even if the press had not revealed her dilemma, it would have ultimately marred her relationship with Mr Pattinson. She’s practically a victim of rape. Her long-time boyfriend would have noticed. 

And for those not paying close attention, factor in the 20-year-age difference (when Ms Stewart was 12, Mr Sanders was 32 — think about it)  and the title of the movie he directed her on Snow White and the Huntsman? Goodness! I think we all know what to call that seriously twisted situation.

I do hope that Rob can forgive Kristen, but it will probably be the end of the innocence, for a great number of people.

My deepest sympathies, too, are extended to Liberty Ross and her lovely children — whom I would suggest take full custody of and move to Paris immediately, especially since she has a pretty little girl.