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The hours

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This week, I want to tackle something something no one has enough of — time.

In an interesting study on awe, one of the things people felt when they experienced was an expansion of time. So the upshot is, if you want more time, get some awe in your life.

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For me, awe is standing under the starry sky. Alone in the darkness, under the vast expanse of space, with no sounds but crickets, I feel like everything just melts away. Including time.

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For you it might be standing in forest of ancient trees, or on top of a giant sky scraper. Whatever it is, try to give yourself an awe experience this week.

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Knowing you’re actual place in the universe now, after that time of awe, when you’ve gained a little mental space and time, have a ponder.

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Consider the gift that’s been given to you, and ask yourself how you really want to use the remainder of your hours.

Driving Miss Crazy


Why I do declare I’d be delighted to drive you to the DMV, Miss Daisy.

I had to take my Gran to the DMV to renew her license. She had to pass an eye test and a written exam.  To be honest, she doesn’t drive all that much — thank goodness — because she’s afraid to drive.

On the Monday before Christmas, I drove her two blocks to the eye doctor, who gave her a new Rx. Even with the new specs, 20/40 is the best she can do. It’s still within DMV regs though.

She crammed like crazy for the written, but on Friday, the day of her appointment, everything that could go wrong did. Beginning with the DMV computers for the entire state crashing right before we arrived.

In the end, the computers came back up and she passed the eye test but failed the written.

They’ll have to give her temporary license, good for 60 days, when we go back next Friday (because the DMV camera was crashed, still). If she doesn’t the test within those 60 days, her license will be cancelled.

Since she doesn’t actually doesn’t drive now, and hasn’t for a couple of years, I assume the license is more of an “I’m an independent adult still” status symbol.

She’s already said she wouldn’t renew it again in 4 years, when she’s almost 90. So at some level, she knows it’s ridiculous to put energy into hanging on to something she doesn’t use or want anyway.

I’ve realised that too.  It’s why I re-prioritized a few things this week. There’s only so much time and money. I want to spend both on things I really care about and people who are meaningful to me.