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My knight in shining . . . whipped cream?


I have a whole list of to dos when in Seattle, because it’s just so doable. But a definite can’t miss Spring event is the April 1st World Championship Pie Joust at Sully’s  Snowgoose Saloon in Phinney Ridge.


There is summer jousting, in Burien, and the video below is from there.

But nothing beats Sully’s. Sully’s is street fight pie jousting. The roar of the crowds (usually a couple hundred), the costumes of the competitors (over 50), the dramatic spills and thrills, the danger (traffic is constantly rolling by), the drinking of great beer  . . . . Yep, it’s a definite can’t miss. My only regret this year is Fling couldn’t compete. That’s fine though, I’ve always enjoyed dishing out pie myself.