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In any important situation, never be distracted by . . . SQUIRREL

When looking at any situation, never be distracted by SQUIRREL

But I like  . . .  SQUIRREL!

Well, it’s that time again. Time to hit the open road. I’m excited.

A couple friends (and my dad) are helping me get my stuff transported. Der is on his way to Europe today. Da is waiting impatiently with my cat, dog, 7 goldfish, and, of course, my beautiful duchess peony that still has not bloomed.

Miraculously, I’ve managed to line up a job I can do strictly online, from anywhere in the world. Yeah. Admittedly, it won’t pay a bundle but it’ll keep me from dipping into my savings, and it’s enough to keep me in baubles and finery.

Piccolo called me on Thursday morning. He left a message. He wanted me to do another job for him, an emergency job. He had a May 10 deadline. Everyone would work 24/7. The sum he was willing to pay was frankly a year’s wages.

My Gran said I could stay with her for those few weeks. My friends said they would store all my boxes.  Everyone was willing to help me stay. But I called him back Friday and said no.

The life I had lived here was over, dead and gone. I couldn’t live it again. I didn’t want to, no matter the price. I told Pic I was packed already. I had another job. And I was sorry, but . . . .  I was surprised how easy it was to close that door and how happy I felt doing it — ecstatic actually.

Now I’ve decided to close another.

I’d like to say I’ll keep in touch, but I don’t know that I will.

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, basically as a publishing courtesy. However, since I don’t publish anymore and I never really wanted a blog . . . it’s probably best to leave off now on whatever kind of note this is. Number 140, I think.

I’ll probably still comment on some of my favorite blogs. Just because I’m giving up writing one doesn’t mean I’ll give up reading others!  Hardcovers and Heroines, Liquorstore BearTalain’s photography blog, and The Bunny Adventures are some of my favs.

I believe all will go well for me “where pines and maples grow.” Platonia said last night my 6-card tarot reading* was entirely favorable to starting to a new life, so that’s what I plan to do. At least that’s the plan. You never know what will happen.  I might just  . . . SQUIRREL!

* Interestingly, she said the cards said I should marry Der not live with him, but I said either the cards misspoke or she’d misheard them!