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The Human Endeavour — the art of missing the forest for the trees

John Raoux/Associated Press
Endeavour was placed atop a modified jumbo jet for its departure from the Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday.

Apparently the Space Shuttle Endeavour is going to be landing here shortly. Um, is it wrong to say I’m more interested in my UPS package hitting my threshold?

I love science and space and all the geekiness of life, but I simply cannot grasp why standing in the sun watching a fly over of a pig-backed shuttle is preferable later visiting the actual shuttle in person.

What is the obsession with being a personal witness to a reality that has no real personal bearing?

Loads of people are standing outside watching a big hunk of metal fly over, it’s so . . . Lost World. And yet almost none of them are upset that 265 trees, along a 12 mile long route, are going to be cut down to drag this piece of space junk to its final resting place.

Yes, let’s destroy mature (some over 100 years old) trees, in a city which suffers from excessive heat, in an area where there are few if any green spaces, when a planet is already in crisis. And, do you at all care that you’re destroying what little established natural habit remains in the city?

All that genius at NASA and no one could build an elevated trailer that would clear the trees? Yeah, that’s what’s wrong with science. It doesn’t think.

Saxon Reed, AP