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Is this cover really so bad it should be banned from display?

ePUB Cover

So, this is the cover, for the ePUB version.

I believe a cover and title should tell the reader what to expect from my book, and this cover and title do just that. If you read Lily Does Sweden, you will definitely agree I was 100% what you see is what you got.

Of course, what you see depends on you, just as what culture you come from slants how you see another culture you may visit.* That’s why, on the cover of the hard copy, I had the publisher add “A cross-cultural (mis-)adventure.” (See below.)

Trade Paperback Cover

As for the book’s content, I am totally honest about that too. It’s a departure for the publisher, in that it does have mature themes, a couple erotic escapades, and some frank language. But that being said, the 314-page book (in 6 x 9 format) is primarily a travel adventure mystery/romantic comedy set in Sweden about the perils of thinking you understand something you really don’t — such as another person’s culture. A fact I make pretty clear on the back cover!

Trade Paperback Back Cover

For those of you who have never been to Sweden, it’s very different from other first-world Western countries. This book draws on American vs Swedish cross-cultural disconnects to produce a story that’s both a darn good read and yet humorously informative.

Yes, it’s got erotic escapades. But if you find non-violent, non-sadomasochistic intimacy between two unattached, unmarried, non-religious people of the same race so bad or so controversial you want to ban this book or its cover, you may want to move to a totalitarian theocracy in the Middle East.

Lily Does Sweden is already up for sale digitally ($1.99) through Amazon (click here for Kindle), although Amazon doesn’t yet have a spot for the physical book.

Although Lily Does Sweden was uploaded to Barnes and Noble for a Nook edition, Sept 24th, they are still processing it. I’m not sure why. However, Barnes and Noble has a place holder for the physical book as a pre-order, ($14.99 retail, but about $10.11 through B&N), so . . . apparently they’re willing to sell it.

Lily Does Sweden is also available through third-party ePUB retailers that sell Adobe Digital Editions ePUBs. I have to work on that this week.

The print version went to LSI (the printer) on the 18th of Sept and is also taking an unusually long time to set up. Again, I’m not sure why; however, an email was sent asking for an update. Lighting Source International recently upgraded their computer system and perhaps lost some files or got behind as a result. I’ll keep you posted.

For more details, such as ISBNs, etc. hit the Page dedicated to the book. To voice your opinion . . .

*{When you look at the cover, what do you see? Two naked people? Or two people in bathing suits (which you can’t discern)? Two friends just horsing around? Or two lovers having sex?}

Well, gild my lily. Indra is in trouble — again

It seems my latest book, due out in October, has been deemed too racy by my publisher’s usual ebook converter.  Really. Their project rejection letter came back in under 2 minutes. They must have looked at the cover, read the title, and thought NO!!! and hit the delete button.

The converters in questions shall remain nameless because they are excellent folks and do excellent work. And I would highly recommend them to anyone for any sort of project. Also, I respect that this is a job people are opting not to take, probably for moral reasons.  So, it’s ok. It just strikes me as funny.

Why is America so okay with the most horrific violence, but so not ok with couples being appropriately intimate? I would rather read about people having sex than say . . . the first couple of violent chapters of most horror novels. I’m talking to you Stephen King.

I’d have been less surprised by the rejection if it was something other than a little consensual straight-up heterosexual sex between two non-religious, unmarried persons, but it wasn’t.  I don’t think my book is pornography. There’s nothing gratuitous about the sex in it. It’s a couple of people behaving pretty normally — at least, in my opinion.

Given the rejection letter came back so quickly, we don’t imagine they actually stopped and read any of it.  Which is somewhat disappointing. They might have changed their minds if they’d actually read some of it.

Oh well. What’s the point of writing a book if no one wants to ban it? It’s an honor really.

I guess my publisher will look for another ebook converter or ask the in-house designer to do it. I expect someone wants the work especially in this economy.

I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come though. It’d be terribly disappointing if  Amazon or Barnes & Noble refused to carry it — even in print form. Or if the publisher’s printer/distributor refused even to print and distribute it on moral grounds.

I shall post the cover at a later date.  You were warned!