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La Forza del Destino — Mercury in Retrograde


This is just a fair warning to everyone.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, find an unsuspecting Virgo or Gemini and make the most of experimenting on him/her for the next few weeks as he/she will almost certainly be in borderline paranoid state anyway. (I’m kidding!)

Actually, retrograde mercury is considered a chance to take the universe up on a cosmic do-over. It’s the prefect time to re- . . . .

  • Reorganize or redecorate  your space — I painted my bedroom, so I had to vacate till the paint dried.
  • Revise plans — So I went to the university symphony concert to hear La Forza and other Romantic period pieces.
  • Reconnect with someone — where I ran into Fling and passed notes about the awful string section, the horrendous horns, and young violinist who was a dead ringer for Paganini.
  • Revisit former interests — Then we went out to our favorite Greek fish house
  • Rediscover yourself — where I was hit on by a waiter!  And Fling met up with his girlfriend!
  • Revive projects that were put on hold — The following day, I finally went to the zoological museum’s annual open house.
  • Redefine your goals  — where I realized I really should join the local Audubon chapter.
  • Review your finances — and invest in some better binoculars
  • Re-establish your priorities — because life’s too short not to really enjoy it
  • Research some unexpected opportunities — which is why, when Der showed up late last night,
  • Renew, regenerate, restore — we rebooted our relationship entirely .

Above all, remember that Mercury goes back to his old self Nov 10!  But that doesn’t mean you have to!