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It’s called an umbrella


Major rain storms recently passed through my area. I adore the rain, so it was a fine opportunity to break out the mackintosh, boots, and umbrella.

The funny part was, I never saw another person in a rain coat or carrying an umbrella. Never.

I’m not sure if we’ve been without rain so long in this area everyone completely forgot there are accoutrements to protect one from H2O, but there were an amazing number of bedraggled and besoaked beings wandering around. I almost felt sorry for them.




To Walk Upon The Soft Earth



I find it something of a miracle to walk outside after a winter rain and feel the leaf-strewn earth give, without sound, under my feet.

There is a sensousness to that which is indescribable and cannot be understood except by those who live in a hostile, sun-flayed land.




The wet air, clinging to my skin. The heavy silence. The gleam of silver dew. The smell of wet soil. Oh, what bliss! What heaven! What surpassing joy!


Your name is Indra?

Indra isn’t exactly a standard American name, I know.  However, when I was born, my parents saw a black swallowtail flit by the window. Papilo indra is its scientific name. Perhaps even as a newborn the folks noticed my flighty, restive nature?

Why, in 1866, the 22-year-old Philadelphia-born entomologist Tyron Reakirt decided on Papilo indra  for the species name is unknown. Philadelphia is a port city. Some ships docking there conducted business with India. Perhaps knowledge of Hinduism was common when Tyron was growing up?

At any rate, Indra is a sky god and king of the Hindu gods. Maybe Tyron felt this large new butterfly he’d discovered in the Wild West was king of the skies? Which kind of makes me royalty by extension. I knew my goddess-like sense of entitlement stemmed from somewhere!