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The Spinning Wheel


1868 Spin Doctor

The other evening I was at a birthday /  dinner party. After a few drinks and some cake by the fireside, the conversation turned to politics.   It was a bipartisan group in attendance — let me stress that.

The topic? The one thing my own party does that most alienates me as a voter.

Interestingly, both sides agreed on the same thing: dead presidents. Nothing says “I’m a political dinosaur” like someone drawing on the memory of Reagan or Kennedy.

It’s not surprising once one thinks about it.

Parties focused on presidents decades past and generations ago are bound to alienate younger voters.

And they should.

Would anyone go to a doctor who refused to prescribe any treatment or medication that came into being within the last 50 years?

Would anyone do business with a company that only used technology that’s 50 years old?

Would anyone opt to live in a house or drive a car that hasn’t been updated in 50 years?

Society, the world, everything, grows and changes. It’s why we don’t have a king, or slavery, or white male property-owning voters only.

Political ideas and modes of government have to keep pace. They have to stay current and reflect the reality of the times. If they don’t, or worse, people so in love with the past don’t let them, it holds a country back.

I’m not suggesting parties change, just that it’s time to retire them. They’re quaint anachronisms, like typewriters and spinning wheels.

People might choose to indulge in anachronistic political thought for fun and pleasure still, in the privacy of their own homes.

But dated ideas of government are of no use to those whose interests are in accomplishing the task of running a modern country for the benefit of all its citizens.


A 2013 Congressional representative at work.

Santa Lucia! The Gift of Light!


I was gifted a set of 8 Smart solar lanterns recently. They’re small with only 1 LED bulb, but once charged they last 12+ hours and produce a very usable, charming light.

Technically they’re for hanging outdoors. And I did think of setting them in the garden so the dog (still alive, but partially blind now) had a guided path. But in the end, I lined the hallway to my bedroom with them.

I know what you’re thinking. But in truth, I did it to keep people from thinking exactly that.

Lately I’ve been the subject of much scurrilous speculation at holiday parties. Mostly due to the fact my cocktail dresses do not hide the rug burns on my forearms, knees, and other exposed body parts.

One can only explain so many times that one’s solid black dog lays in the dark hallway and when one trips on said dog . . . Viola! Rug burns! And it’s hardly with the effort to explain, given my honesty is met with nothing but giggles, arched brows, and smirks of disbelief.

I suppose I’ll have to stick to formal gown and glove events for a bit. And invest in some night vision goggles.