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Parrots in the Park

By Don Durfee, all rights reserved.

By Florida artist/photog Don Durfee, all rights reserved.

Recent heavy weather here forced a large flock of rogue Nanday Conures up from a heavily wooded seaside canyon into my local park. These birds are not native, simply the result of surviving (and thriving) escapees, and at first we had no idea what they were.

The noise they make en masse is deafening, particularly when they number almost 100, but there is something weird and wonderful about stumbling upon a great flock of wild, brightly colored South American birds flying free in a place where they certainly ought not be.

I felt an immediate kinship, perhaps because, personally, I’ve always liked appearing in places where I technically ought not be. And startling as that might be, for both myself and those poor individuals I appear to, I always think there’s a reason for things so if I end up in some place that (people tell me) I ought not be, that’s not a mistake on my part. It’s a mistake on their part. They are missing the moment. They are missing the gift — of me.

Remember, only two people in the universe know where you are supposed to be: God and You!

So if you find yourself somewhere unusual this week (perhaps shopping for that rare something for your special someone in an unusual shop you would normally die to avoid), don’t feel that you’re out of place. Think of yourself as a Nanday, adding a dash of color, whimsy, and joy to an otherwise dull and ordinary moment in space and time.  Think of it as your destiny to be a little improbable.

And really, it well may be.

I encourage you all to fly over to Don Durfee’s website . Don is one of the most amazing nature photographers ever. And while you’re there, pick up some wonderful, affordable gifts for your favorite bird lover!