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The Italian Basket Case

I learned bad, bad things in prison.

But I’m not the problem!!!!

I want to be clear: DOGS DO NOT LIVE IN THE NOW. If that statement were true, dogs would not be trainable. Dogs remember.

Earlier this week, during an on-leash sit-stay on public sidewalk (on leash), a front door flew open — across the street. A huge young German shepherd bounded out and straight for her.  To protect the offending dog from being hurt by Red, I threw myself between the two.

A tall teenage girl ran out of the house shouting, “He’s ok!”

Incredibly, even as the girl was running toward us, a second huge young German shepherd bolted out the same front door toward us. Said girl — who probably should not own a dog — apparently in her haste didn’t shut the door tightly. Lastly, the girl’s screaming parents ran out.

There was no bloodshed. The owners peeled their dogs off mine unscathed. They said a terse “sorry” then turned to castigating both girl and dogs. But really, you think Red’s going to forget that?

A couple days later, at obedience class, standing beside a large, wild, year-old German shepherd, trying to get Red to do a down-stay . . . Latino instructor walked over to give us some additional “hands-on” instruction. However, when he reached down . . . .

Luckily, no injuries were sustained, but the instructor recommended an Italian Basket Muzzle — on top of a pinch collar. He described Red as “nervous.”  No kidding.

So now we’ve failed that obedience class, we have to go more remedial classes — in an Italian basket muzzle and a pinch collar.  Even though she sits, stays, downs, comes, heels and just about anything I ask.

She’s fine away from crazy people and their insane, miniature, tutu-wearing, out of control, off-leash, yappie dogs. But when dogs are aggressive to her (first) she’s aggressive back. Like owner, like dog.

It was pointless to try and explain that though. No one would admit their little insane dogs started it. Not even after the trainer brought out a stuffed dog and Red just licked it and wagged her tail while the little dogs literally bit the toy’s nose off!

Honestly, from day one other owners just saw Red’s ginger hair and, well, there you were. Talk about a really bad end to Kick A Ginger Day.