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Benedict Arnold at least served his country before betraying it

As a registered Independent who didn’t vote for any Republicans this election, I would rather have Mike Pence as president. Just want to go on record as saying that. Pence has government experience. He’s apparently more than a bit gullible, I think of him as Trump’s mushroom — constantly in the dark about everything, but I can live with that. On the other hand, I draw the line at having an actual traitor (or traitors) in any office.


It’s obvious Trump has never had even a basic level of knowledge about the Constitution, how to run a government, or how to do things legally.  I get that. He’s lived in a world where he was just the brand and everyone else did the real work but reported to the brander in chief.

Think about it. He doesn’t have a daughter, she’s a brand. There are no actual people in the family. His sons are just parts of his brand. He doesn’t have a wife, she’s a brand. She just filed a suit in the UK stating she plans to use her term as First Lady to build her brand and make millions of dollars.

However, even as a removed as he is from reality, Trump the candidate must have known undermining the US government’s attempt to curb Russian aggression through sanctions in order solely to benefit himself and become president was treason. Having Gen. Flynn on his campaign staff, as his national security adviser, communicating directly with the Russian diplomats about removing sanctions, was undermining the US govt, and hence, treason.

The most likely scenario, one that I’m sure is on tape at the DOJ, FBI, or CIA somewhere and will come to light shortly, is that Trump promised the Russians relief from sanctions during the campaign, via Flynn, in return for the Russians helping him win the election. I know the focus has been “did Russians hack voting machines” (they didn’t). But that’s not what I mean when I say helping him.

Everyone seems to agree that the Russians hacking the DNC to obtain documents that might be damaging to Clinton, and then releasing them, did something to sway some voters minds. The real issue however, that is very much overlooked, is Russian data mining, normally used in phishing and other scams, that was used to target voters open to suggestion.

Russians are adept at feeding just the right kind of persuasive fake news to people on the voter mailing/email lists, as well as posting such news on various sites where persuadable people who vote, but tend not to do basic fact checking, hang out. That’s targeted marketing, which drives people (misinformed about the facts) to vote the way they’ve been led to. It’s that kind of hack the vote and helping I’m talking about.

I’m not surprised by Trump’s act of treason, for a couple of reasons. American traitors tend to be greed-driven egotists that feel undervalued. That’s Trump’s brand all over. This is not a man that gives a rat’s tail about America or its people. He only cares about himself. Period.

Consider this, Louisiana gets ripped apart by tornadoes and declares a state of emergency last week. What does Trump tweet about? How unfair Nordstroms is being to Ivanka. What does Ms Conway do? She acts as a shill for Ivanka’s brand from the White House press room on live tv (in clear violation of ethics, yet  fails to get dismissed for that).

Or take Oroville, California. It is facing the most massive dam collapse in the history of the country. Does our president tweet that there will be federal support? That this will be part of the much ballyhooed infrastructure bill? Nope. He instead rants about “so-called” justices being unfair and how he has 17th century monarchical absolute power as president. And then talks about sending his son-in-law, a real estate guy, to broker peace between Israel and Palestine.

Sadly, this new administration does nothing but lie, lie, lie and try to trot out distractions when they get caught. No one can believe anything they say. Sean Spicer might as well be a puppet with Trumps hand up his backside. MS Conway lives in the world of alternate facts. Try to do diplomacy when no other country believes you or takes you seriously.

China has already brought Trump to heel. Mexico will likely do the same. That’s not because Mexico or China are great at diplomacy, it’s because Trump is completely irrational. He imagines himself to be PT Barnum and the world his circus. Unfortunately, in reality, the POTUS is a clown and the elephants are just going to sit on him and then the lions are going to eat what’s left of America.

If you’ve got any doubts about this, just look at this morning’s news. The whole of the GOP, including Paul Ryan, came out to talk about Obamacare, to try to get the news cycle away from the fact the Flynn affair should be investigated and that would probably lead to Trump being impeached as a traitor. Of course, that’s only if Jeff Session had any integrity at all.

And what’s really incredible is how today they announce that another former, disgraced, general is to be considered for Flynn’s spot. For those of you that forgot the David Petraeus scandal, it was a an extramarital affair between retired four-star general David Petraeus, then Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Paula Broadwell, his biographer. It became public, thanks to the media, and led to the discovery that this former general and current director of the CIA was giving his mistress/biographer classified information.

In other words, Petraeus betrayed his country for an easy lay and this the person Trump is considering for the National Security position Flynn just left. Seriously. This is how completely insane this administration is. I do not understand at all why the majority party Republicans don’t stand up for the USA and end Trump’s administration? Are they all involved in some scandal? Are they being bribed? Or blackmailed?

To me, all this only proves once and for all, the Republican party is not something one should vote for ever again.








I won’t dance. Don’t ask me.


I’m opting out of the Affordable Care Act.

I don’t feel invincible. But I do live a health-responsible life that includes proper diet, exercise, moderate alcohol consumption, and no smoking.

I spend a minimal amount on medical stuff to keep healthy. But that money spent is for types of care that wouldn’t be covered or reimbursed by any plan.

It just makes sense to pay the tax penalty. (Unless the most basic health care plan would cost me more than 8% of my income which would mean I’m exempt from the ACA mandate.)

Pooling resources to cover healthcare isn’t a bad idea. I’m pro-National Health. But for health insurance to be effective and affordable, three things have to come together.

  1. The insurance company, its doctors, and its hospitals, all have to be non-profit. That’s doable.
  2. The doctors have to give individual care that is safe, effective, and appropriate for that individual. According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, that’s far less doable, so doctors are best avoided.
  3. Insureds have to be health-responsible people who only through unpreventable misfortune become ill.  This last point being doable or not is really the crux of the matter.

As a nation we spend 18% of our GDP on healthcare. The CDC says 75% of that is spent on chronic diseases caused by 100% preventable behaviors like excessive drinking, smoking, eating a poor diet, or lack of sufficient exercise.

If people simply changed their habits, we could drop healthcare spending 75%. Will they do it though? Obviously not.

That said, it’s quite bizarre that the ACA includes tax penalties only for people for who are uninsured. There are no tax penalties for people who are insured but create their own sicknesses or for doctors and hospitals who provide poor care that harms or kills those in their charge.

All the ACA mandate seems to do is demand uninsured people buy expensive but useless plans so insured but health-irresponsible people can continue to live destructive lifestyles unabated and bad doctors can continue to be paid for giving those irresponsible people costly but merely palliative care.

I’m not using hyperbole here, it’s what Mr Obama himself said. “If healthy young Americans don’t buy plans, the ACA will collapse and fail.”

The ACA is simply perpetuating a broken system that doesn’t address or confront or penalize any of the people who are actually responsible. It’s bailing out those causing the problem without fixing the problem. If that’s sounding familiar to you, it should. Apparently US health care companies are also considered “too big to fail.”

So for me? I won’t dance. Don’t ask me.