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Because Easter Is Not Complete Without . . . .


Peeps!  I know you thought I was going to say Jesus, but hey. There are various contests going on around the country, but the Peep Co. has all of them listed on their website. Below are a few favs.


I think the Seattle Times has the best Peep contest, but I say that having never seen the annual “Classics versus History Marshmallow PEEPS Diorama Contest” at Mcalester College in Minnesota.


What can I say? I love my Classics and my History. Those two departments are my major . . . peeps.


See the full scale best Roman gladiator & Forum Peeps here. It’s amazing! I can only show the small version. Note the audience detail — they are all wearing togas!


I really wish I could go to Minnesota. I love the cold weather and the warm people and I’d love to see the Peeps diorama gallery and the Peeps-a-pult!!! on Old Main’s 3rd floor, as well has have delightful Peepsfreshments on the 4th floor.


Plus it would be great to get some curling in. I love curling. Yeah, I’d totally rock those rocks. But  Canada v. Sweden? Sorry, mes belles canadiennes. You know nobody beats the Swedish Ladies Curling Team!