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The Mea Queen

Reflecting on this week of celebration in honor of the Queen of England, I have to say I was reminded once again of the value of . . .  me. After all, in my own life, I am the queen. I decide and decree, no one else.

It’s rather a daunting thing really, to be queen of all one surveys (in the mirror). And when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, mea culpa. How does one best govern oneself and one’s world? It is, alas, a puzzlement. For you see, to order the world to my liking is, in the eyes of others, to leave the world to nature’s disorder.

I love the fragile fractal beauty of things as they are. The transit of Venus, moving along its orderly path, momentarily presents a random spot of beauty on the face of the sun. To allow all things to wander their ordered paths, intersecting through the centuries, creating exaltations of fancy, pleasures sublime, and wonderous revelations, oh that is my decree!