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Oh, please! When is an ass-landing medal worthy?

Gregory Bull/Associated Press
McKayla Maroney, the reigning world champion, ended up with the silver medal after landing on her rear on her second vault.

Okay, I’ll say it. The girl above was given a Silver medal and $10,000 for the above wipeout. The man below was disqualified from the competition.

Not be indelicate but, it is far more difficult for a living, breathing, moving  athlete in an ever-changing outdoor environment to fall off another living, breathing, moving athlete (don’t ask how I know this, please) than it is for a living, breathing, moving athlete in a controlled, indoor environment to fall off a stationary object.

When an athlete falls off a horse in the equestrian division, that athlete is disqualified.  When an athlete falls off a vault horse and lands on her ass in gymnastics, that’s a one point deduction. Does that sound like equal treatment to you?

Yoshiaki Oiwa, who had come into the event with little international expectation of a win, but achieved a stunning first place in the Dressage, falls in the Cross Country section of the 3-Day Event and is therefore disqualified from continuing the course to compete for Team Japan.