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Soul Searching Solstice or All Out Apocalypto?


Personally, I think if the Mayans knew about foretelling the future, they’d have seen themselves dying out 400 years ago. So I’m not too worried that tomorrow might be the end of the world. Besides, as a Christian, I live in a continual state of “the end is near.” It’s sort of who we are as a people. And we actually look forward to the end of the world. Go figure.

For those of you planning on sticking around over the Winter Solstice, I’ve convinced my publisher to give away some free ePUBs. It’s 4 different books with 3 different giveaways running on Dec 21 (Seat At The Feast), Dec 25 (A Goose Is Cooked), and Dec 31 (Lily Does Sweden). The last book (The Extra Man) is given to people who write reviews on any one of the other giveaway books.

I refer to them as the Apocalypse Giveaway; The Reason to Live Giveaway; and The Fiscal Cliff Giveaway. My publisher might have other names, not sure. Don’t really care. If you’re interested in some free ePUB format books, bounce on over to the giveaway page and check it out. The entry page is only live the days of the giveaways.

For great books and art on all things pagan and soul-stice, check out ecoechantments (a great showcase of amazing British artists and artisans). Or, head over to Wendy Andrews place and pick up a copy of her magical Luna Moon Hare. Yeah, that’s right. Christian and Pro-Pagan!