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Are you The One?


Apparently Lily Does Sweden book is becoming an audiobook. The publisher told me they are searching for a narrator on ACX.

So, all you would be audiobook narrators, if you (or your rag-tag ensemble) think you’ve got what it takes, sign up at ACX and go here to audition.

Be sure you can . . . .

  1. Do comedy;
  2. Male and female voices ages 10 to 50;
  3. Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, and California accents; and
  4. Pronounce Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, and German words.

Good luck and God help you!

Seriously, I think you only have to narrate in English.

I love a really glaring Hexenbiest of an error

Hello, this is your Hexenbiest calling!

Hello, this is your Hexenbiest calling!

The other day I found someone had read a copy of a book I wrote a few years ago, The Extra Man (Book 3, set at Easter).  They’d given it 5 stars, which amazed me. So I went, with a bit of a spring in my step, to the stack of books to be mailed out to the December giveaway winners and . . . I was missing a book!

I had accidentally mailed a winner an old proof copy that was riddled with errors.  Yes, sad but true. And since I don’t know who got the bad book, and Goodreads doesn’t allow authors to contact winners  . . . .

Proof Copy?!” screamed I. “Holy Frack! That’s going to make for a bad review!”

How on earth had I missed that? Moi! I cursed; I stomped my feet; I thought about tearing my hair out (but alas, I have really super hair). In short, I flew into a rage.

Then I laughed.  Really, did it matter that much?  No one who’d won a book had posted a review yet. If I ever they did, I thought, I’d just comment that I accidentally sent a proof copy. But I’m not crying over spilled milk at this point.

All I can say is what Fling recently pointed up (via a text from a great distance):

Tempest + Teapot = Typical Indra

so true!

For anyone that cares, I decide to make the first 3 books of my old series free to download through January (ePub format) for Goodreads.com readers as a semi-atonement to whomever  I gipped out there. These books can be read as stand alones, so if you want to read Book 3 first, or only, no matter.

Baby, Send Me Over That Physcal Cliff!


One minute to midnight, one minute to go . . . .
One minute to say good-bye, before we say hello!

Let’s start the new year right, twelve o’clock tonight,
when they dim the light, let’s begin . . . .
kissing the old year out, kissing the new year in!

Let’s watch the old year die with a fond good-bye
and our hopes as high as a kite!
How can our love go wrong if we start the new year right?

(Remember to enter the giveaway today to win Lily Does Sweden.
Because after you fall off Cliff, who knows what will happen.)

Congrats to the Goodreads’ winners!

Congrats to the two winners from Goodreads, who each won a copy of my latest book (Lily Does Sweden) — beating out over 630 other discerning gentlefolk.

Your personally inscribed, autographed books are on their way!

And, to those of you that didn’t win . . . I’ve put up another Goodreads giveaway  for this month, so feel free to hazard a chance for the next 2 copies of Lily Does Sweden.

For everyone in “Processing” on Barnes & Noble Pubit!

As you may recall, my publisher ran into some issues with Barnes & Noble selling the Nook version of Lily Does Sweden. Notably the stated “24-72 hour” processing time extended to . . . one week, two weeks, three weeks . . .  and counting.

After a bit of a research, turns out a lot of people are having their books stuck in processing limbo for weeks on end.  Not something B&N really wants the world to know, so not something they post prominently.

The recommendation from B&N on the support boards was simply to go in and redo the setup and upload of the title as if it were a brand new book.  According to a few people who have had success with redoing the title, the redo seem to make the B&N system kick the first version out for sale.

I know. So weird!

Lily Does Sweden was “redone” on Saturday so, with any luck, it will be up for sale as a Nook later this coming week.

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2012.  It turns out, the entire epub had to be redone from scratch. As soon as that was done, the third upload — yes, the third time really is a charm — went right away on sale.

Is this cover really so bad it should be banned from display?

ePUB Cover

So, this is the cover, for the ePUB version.

I believe a cover and title should tell the reader what to expect from my book, and this cover and title do just that. If you read Lily Does Sweden, you will definitely agree I was 100% what you see is what you got.

Of course, what you see depends on you, just as what culture you come from slants how you see another culture you may visit.* That’s why, on the cover of the hard copy, I had the publisher add “A cross-cultural (mis-)adventure.” (See below.)

Trade Paperback Cover

As for the book’s content, I am totally honest about that too. It’s a departure for the publisher, in that it does have mature themes, a couple erotic escapades, and some frank language. But that being said, the 314-page book (in 6 x 9 format) is primarily a travel adventure mystery/romantic comedy set in Sweden about the perils of thinking you understand something you really don’t — such as another person’s culture. A fact I make pretty clear on the back cover!

Trade Paperback Back Cover

For those of you who have never been to Sweden, it’s very different from other first-world Western countries. This book draws on American vs Swedish cross-cultural disconnects to produce a story that’s both a darn good read and yet humorously informative.

Yes, it’s got erotic escapades. But if you find non-violent, non-sadomasochistic intimacy between two unattached, unmarried, non-religious people of the same race so bad or so controversial you want to ban this book or its cover, you may want to move to a totalitarian theocracy in the Middle East.

Lily Does Sweden is already up for sale digitally ($1.99) through Amazon (click here for Kindle), although Amazon doesn’t yet have a spot for the physical book.

Although Lily Does Sweden was uploaded to Barnes and Noble for a Nook edition, Sept 24th, they are still processing it. I’m not sure why. However, Barnes and Noble has a place holder for the physical book as a pre-order, ($14.99 retail, but about $10.11 through B&N), so . . . apparently they’re willing to sell it.

Lily Does Sweden is also available through third-party ePUB retailers that sell Adobe Digital Editions ePUBs. I have to work on that this week.

The print version went to LSI (the printer) on the 18th of Sept and is also taking an unusually long time to set up. Again, I’m not sure why; however, an email was sent asking for an update. Lighting Source International recently upgraded their computer system and perhaps lost some files or got behind as a result. I’ll keep you posted.

For more details, such as ISBNs, etc. hit the Page dedicated to the book. To voice your opinion . . .

*{When you look at the cover, what do you see? Two naked people? Or two people in bathing suits (which you can’t discern)? Two friends just horsing around? Or two lovers having sex?}