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The rational mind is overrated


Today WP unleashed the not so secret MP6 Plugin on all WP users. It changes the appearances of one’s dashboard rather dramatically.  WP calls it a beautiful makeover. I wouldn’t.

Even though I like WP, I’ve come to understand that it is rationally designed for a certain group of people — the much older computer user / blogger.

There was a time when blogging was new and innovative. At that time, hip young designers thought everything should be grey or black. This “new” dashboard is actually a throwback to that era. What’s actually new about the dashboard’s design though is just what you’d expect to be new if you were designing for older people, the LARGE FONT.

Once you understand WPs’ target user group, you understand the new dashboard design.

Still, I think the new dashboard could have been designed with an option to change the background and text colors as well as the font size. Intelligent, beautiful design would have automatically matched the dashboard colors and font to the selected blog theme, with an option of using the standard dashboard.

Oh well, maybe next time WP will design a dashboard option for young people with good eyesight who aren’t clinically depressed. We blog too, after all. In the meanwhile? I suppose the rational decision would probably be to stop using WP. Of course, I’ve never been a fan of the rational mind.