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The hours

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This week, I want to tackle something something no one has enough of — time.

In an interesting study on awe, one of the things people felt when they experienced was an expansion of time. So the upshot is, if you want more time, get some awe in your life.

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For me, awe is standing under the starry sky. Alone in the darkness, under the vast expanse of space, with no sounds but crickets, I feel like everything just melts away. Including time.

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For you it might be standing in forest of ancient trees, or on top of a giant sky scraper. Whatever it is, try to give yourself an awe experience this week.

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Knowing you’re actual place in the universe now, after that time of awe, when you’ve gained a little mental space and time, have a ponder.

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Consider the gift that’s been given to you, and ask yourself how you really want to use the remainder of your hours.


Through the looking glass

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Continuing on with the gratitude theme this month ….

Consider today, as you go through your day, that every person you meet, read about, hear about, see around you, could be you.

You could have born that person, in that place, in those circumstances. You could have lived that life.

That could have been your job or spouse, your home or school, your country or neighborhood.

Those could have been your parents or children or grandchildren. Those could have been your religious beliefs, your values, your culture.

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That could be your debt, your sickness, your struggle, today?

That could be your business, your career, your opportunity,  your win.

That could be your loss, your success, your failure, your luck.

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It could have been your childhood, your education, your battle, your war.

It could be you driven from your home, or buying your first home.

It could be your addiction, your jail sentence, your lottery win, your gain.

It could be your history, or your future.

It could be your life, or your death.

You could have been …. anyone. You could become …. anyone.

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In thinking about that, do you feel grateful?

Do you remember all the times you caught a lucky break or another person played a role in the good things that happened to you?

Do you remember being that lucky break or person who reached out a hand to help? to someone else?

To someone that might have been … you.

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Paperwhites, Paleo, and Precognition

The Swami

Hmm, so the paperwhites never flowered. I wasn’t too upset. I’ll just set the bulbs in the garden for next year and they’ll be a nice reminder of Fling for many years to come. Fling was upset though. Not that he thought I neglected the flowers. I did not!

I’m not really sure why it bothered him. I’d pursue it further, but he’s on the other side of the world for business till the end of March. He travels. A lot. Which you’d think would make airports less of a hassle, but it doesn’t.

Security people tend to think Fling acts “suspiciously.” They are always calling him aside for a full search of his bags and some “friendly interrogation.” He thinks he’s on a watch list; I think it’s just the way he acts. He doesn’t act “American” enough, which he can’t help.

But back to the present . . . . Fling wants us to do Loren Cordain‘s Paleo Diet all this month. Well, 30 days. We can freak out on Cadbury eggs at Easter, so that’s fine. Since he’s away, it’s kind of a togetherness thing. I think. I mean, Fling isn’t by any stretch overweight and I certainly don’t want to be ripped with six-pack abs.

Paleo is something I’ve heard many good things about it. But I’d rather do something like Matt Stone‘s  Eat For Heat or Diet Recovery. I think Fling and I can come to a March Diet Accord. Especially since it will be on the honor system and he’ll never know if I cheat.

Smart man that Fling, having us doing something together till he gets back so my eyes don’t wander. But not smart enough or he would never have given me his heart to break.