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The unexpected invite


Because I’m shortly to be between jobs and homes, Der suggested I come spend the summer with him.

Yes, of course, that’s a proposal fraught with all manner of implication, but we have a very casual, open relationship. In reality, he’s offered me some rooms, as any respectable host would, and not necessarily his own. But we’ll see what happens.

Shortly after that, a friend in the San Juan Islands asked if I wanted to come for an extended stay? She’s a older than I am, and the offer comes with a string attached: help painting up and fixing the house. But I wouldn’t mind that.

Right after that happened, a third friend, in rural-ish Ireland, asked if I would like to come house-sit for three months while she’s away on business. Rent free, all inclusive! Lovely!

The upshot is, I might just take six  or with months and be that tried and true 18th century literary standard: the peripatetic house guest, who is typically less than rich, unmarried, and an old maid (over 18).

But for me, it’s a chance to wander the world and meet new people. And since everyone says my pets would be welcome as well, why not?

Now that sounds painful!

Remember The  Guardian, the now award-winning UK newspaper that broke the NSA scandal and left Edward Snowden perpetually trapped in an airport terminal?

Well, they’re only human.  They make mistakes too, as this recent posting to their web-version’s front page proved.


At first I thought it was a health-related story. A new drug trial gone horribly wrong. So I skimmed the brief descriptor — hail, Ed Balls, getting harder, for everyone?

Uh, say whaaat? Was this a Brit version of the Weiner scandal? I clicked the article immediately.

The actual article was titled Growth boost puts Labour on back foot.  It was just the usual story about disparity in the economic recovery. How disappointing.

Still, in these days of “not much money, O but Honey,” a weekday laugh is worth its weight in gold (ok, maybe sterling).