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All Good Flings Come to an End


Yes, it’s true. Fling has been flung. I try to confine a fling to 6 months max, so no one feels I ruined their life by leading them on for years — Mr Grove!!!

But, I admit, I really liked Fling and, because we’d spent so much time apart, I was of a mind to wait till we’d spent 6 months together — as in, in the same place together — before I ended it (if either of us was of a mind to end it).

So, what happened? Fling came back a changed man — as a result of his recent health scare. He felt he had “clarity” about his life.  . . . uh, ok . . . . He wanted to get more serious . . . uh, not ok.

I’ve seen this scenario before. A person faces a life-or-death crisis and come out different — sometimes forever different, sometimes for a couple years different, sometimes for a few weeks different.

I don’t know if this Fling is forever changed or just temporarily changed. I know he thinks he has clarity. Maybe he does. But I don’t. I’m thoroughly confused.

This new Fling is not the Fling I remember. He’s more serious now, more level-headed. It’s not balanced by the old Fling’s verve and spontaneity.

Maybe we’ll meet in the future. Maybe he’ll be the man I remembered again.

But I worry that in the interval, he’ll do something ruinous to his own life and others. What if this “new” Fling wakes up 5 years from now and discovers he’s made a whole life based on the man he’s not?

I should hate for that to happen to him. But, I’m not going to allow myself to become a decision he comes to regret. And so,  for both our sakes, Good Me has to end it .


Ah, Love . . . . <sigh>.