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Duct tape or Bubble wrap?


Packing? I laugh at packing. I'm a gypsy. I travel with just the clothes on my back!

Packing? I laugh at packing. I’m a gypsy. I travel with just the clothes on my back!

The other day as we were packing up my home, my friend, Naphthaly, was on the phone telling another friend:

“Well, he’s right. Never say you’re sorry if you’re not wrong. You have to stand up for yourself.”

I didn’t say anything, but it did explain Naph’s multiple marriages (3 or 4, I can’t honestly remember).

Of course, I knew at least a couple of her marriages had been bad, to really bad people, and  I do believe that one ought stand up for one’s self. But in a good marriage or a loving relationship of any kind, it’s OK to say you’re sorry — even if you don’t believe in your heart you are wrong.

Why? Because no one has 100% knowledge about anything. Everyone make mistakes, although sometimes we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

I don’t advocate peace at any cost. Heaven knows! But there should always be wiggle room in a relationship. There should always be some cushioning built in. There should always be compartmentalization so one failure doesn’t turn into relationship destruction.

In other words, relationships should be held together with bubble wrap, because the duct tape method is too intensely painful.