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You know, you could die doing that


I hear this a lot from people. I’m not sure why they bother to point that out. Odds are, I’ll be doing something when I die, so why not “that“? So long as that is something I love or want to do.

Eamonn Kilbride (age 46) collapsed with chest pains at his office Christmas party in Blackburn while performing the dance moves from Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video. The father of three subsequently died. Middle-aged men in the UK have since been warned against dancing Gangnam Style.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Professor Bernard Keavney, a cardiologist at Newcastle University, warned older men not to “stray outside your comfort zone. The chance that you’ll come to grief is very small. But as with any form of untypical exercise… be somewhat measured.

Sorry, Bernard, but I love to stray outside my comfort zone and if I come to grief, so what? You blokes can live a measured wall-flower life you want. I’d rather die on the dance floor living an all out Gangnam Style full one.