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Feeling Miffy about the 4th


It’s that time of the year! Time to bust out the red, white and blue and celebrate the July 4th – the start of the Tour De France.

This year Le Tour starting in Utrecht where Miffy (seen above sporting a “king of the mountains” jersey) is a cultural icon.

The thought of seeing giant Miffys in various jerseys popping up here, there and everywhere is actually more of the reason I’m tuning in.

Sorry, TDF, but I just don’t find the group of riders or the route very interesting this year. Seriously, how many times can I watch 150 sweaty men in spandex climb L’Alpe d’Heuz?

But Miffy? Awww, I could look at her for hours. I can’t wait to see where she turns up!

My Hero

Switzerland’s Fabian Cancellara prepares to compete in the men’s cycling road race at the London 2012 Olympic Games July 28, 2012. REUTERS/P

Decidedly a medal won is a medal earned, and I cannot say how happy I am for Wiggo and Froome for their Time Trial wins.  However, Fabian Cancellara remains for me the Olympian.

He did honor to his country and his family just by showing up and completing the race after the tremendous road race crash only a few days ago in which he was injured. He could have bailed. He didn’t.  Truly he is an inspiration to the world, and that’s just what an Olympian should be.

I do wish there were a “Most Agressive Rider” award at the Olympics, but alas there is not. Still, he’s my hero