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There be dragons


This is Mount Snowdon. It’s in Wales, which is known for its dragons.  The last  dragon sighted in Wales was in the 1800s. Still, if you choose to go to Wales, you understand you may be set upon by dragons. Personally,  I travel to Wales frequently despite the dragons because I like Wales.

The cyberworld is a bit like Wales. There the copious sharing of personal information is normal because the majority of people there believe all data should be available and free — regardless of copyrights or laws or whatever. There is also an understanding that when traveling in that land one’s data might be taken (without consent) and shared (in violation of any and all laws).

That anyone, especially in the tech-savvy US, is shocked by Edward Snowden’s “revelations” or appalled by the NSA’s behavior is just silly. It presumes an expectation of legally enforced privacy in a world where everyone knows privacy and law enforcement don’t exist. Still, I suppose, for those few who were clueless, this is your wake up call: There be dragons.

For the record, I believe Snowden to be an idiot. But the real blame here is on the NSA — for hiring him.