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The Last Holiday

Last Holiday Premiere 13

Christmas was my last holiday. My resolution for 2013 was to throw holidays out with the tree. Needless to say, there was no traditional New Year’s Day Feast at Chez Indra. To the shock and horror of all, I just packed my bags and went skiing — in Europe. I left a note on the door however: “On Holiday.”

I think holidays are great. I love the what they are about in essence. I feel the same about birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, wakes, . . . the lot. They can be joyful good fun, but typically not so much. So I’ve instituted a new protocol for the new year:

  • I shall only be attending or throwing true parties (ie, those thrown for a particular good reason — such as the winemakers’ end of the harvest party),
  • AND, at which the majority of guests will be strangers (people to whom I have little or no connection).

I believe it’s ok to draw the line under things you wish to be no part of. Really. Something may have been your reality, you may even have believed with all your heart it was reality. But in reality, it was only one version of reality. You can create a new reality. At any time.

People tend always to extrapolate their current reality to all time and all peoples. So foolish. Things are always changing. Things can always be different, be better, be more wonderful. You just need to live your own life, your own way. Forge your own version of reality. It’s ok to do that. No matter what anyone temporarily existing in your current reality might say!

I love Queen Latifah’s Last Holiday. One of my favorite holiday films! And yes, I spent my holiday at the Grandhotel Pupp!