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If Steve Jobs Wrote a Book

Lots of things have been written about Steve Jobs, but it’s interesting to note that Steve never wrote a book. I’m guessing that’s because of his production philosophy.

Jobs always advocated releasing a product he knew had flaws, letting people complain, and then letting those people fixing things.

He got consumers to buy a flawed product, tell him what was wrong (testing) with his product (for free), and then figure out the fixes (R&D) for his product (for free), which fixes he then perfected (paid work), patented, and sold to those consumers again.

Brilliant? Maybe. But in theory not the sort of thing you can do with a book.

If you turn out a flawed book, there’s no do over. People don’t keep using the book, tell you where the errors are, and then re-buy the book after you fix them.  Well, not in the past anyways. Today however, things are somewhat different.

If you sell ebooks and discover a flaw, you can immediately correct it and re-upload it for free, so that the next purchaser has a better experience. You still might get bad buzz (on quality from the first few buyers), but it’s a situation a book can recover from rather quickly.

I have to admit to releasing flawed things. Partly it’s dyslexia and lack of stereoscopic vision, I really cannot see the flaw. Partly it’s rethinking things over time. I just re-did my ebook and physical book this week to get rid of errors and correct a few things.

I used to stress out about releasing flawed books, but I don’t anymore. I figure, if someone buys an early flawed edition of a print book, it’s not going to be on the market long, so they get rare first edition.

Less guilt, more happiness. Thanks, Steve! Love you, man!