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Equal Opportunity Stupid.

Just to confirm, I’m against stuff that separates people. Unequal education, unequal income, unequal opportunities … it’s all stuff we the people should be working on.

I think there’s enough stupid on both sides, on both sides, so stupid is something we should address first. Because, to be honest, stupid is how we got here.

First up, Right-wing Stupid.


This still is from an episode of Democracy Now! on the Berkeley mobs on Holy Saturday.  Honestly, I really can’t understand why protesters on both sides don’t just hold a silent sit in and carry signs, but …

What I want to point out here is the Guy in Yellow. Note the “Jesus will Judge You!” sweatshirt. What is he doing, he is literally boot-stomping as hard as he can on another person.

For starters, I would imagine Jesus will not be judging the victim being stomped here. As  a Christian, this is really offensive. But as a Christian, I can also say the guy wearing the sweat shirt, is probably not one.

John 3:17 “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”

Jesus didn’t come to judge. He came to save.  Christians know this.

Okay, on to Left-wing Stupid.


This a still from The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday night on the DNC tour of Tom Perez, the DNC chairman,, and Bernie Sanders.

What I want to point out is the object on the floor behind Tom’s left shoulder. That thing, is the American flag. Lying on the floor. The flag my ancestors have been in this country fighting for since 1776.

If you watch the entire clip, it gets worse. They get the flag up, cockeyed and walk away.


After a minute or two of stagehands walking by, bouncing the floor, the flag finally falls to the ground with a crash. A really loud crash that you can hear in the interview.


Does Mr Perez even turn around to see if anyone is hurt? Nope. Does he stop and ask the stage hands if they are ok? Nope. Does he check on the flag and see that it’s ok? Nope. He just keeps talking.


Finally, a stage hand comes up and sees it on the floor. What does he do? He grabs it up by the poll and drags it off stage. Drags the American flag across the floor, off stage, like it’s a dirty bed sheet.

Real Americans care about how their flag is treated because that flag represents the American people. Also, real people hear a loud crash and ask if all the other people are okay.

I think of myself as being equal opportunity when it comes to pointing out stupid. If you ask me which thing I’m more appalled by, it’s the Jesus sweatshirt on a guy stomping on another human being — along with 5 other people, doing the same thing at the same time —  and on Holy Saturday no less, as Jesus lay in the tomb having just been crucified for our sins.

Not knowing how to properly treat your own country’s flag is a really stupid mistake. Willfully trying to kill another human being in a frenzy of rage is a crime.



A game within a game, within a game

Image result for merkel trump

Trump’s  super Eastern, high back, buttercup yellow chairs. 


Obama’s super Western,  low back, brown leather chairs with tacks.

Entertaining as the hearing today was, I can’t help but think that everyone is missing the actual point: The POTUS claimed to have been wiretapped to find out if he’d been wiretapped.

Weird as that sounds, it makes logical sense. Since the POTUS is not allowed to ask about information about current FBI investigations. The only way to find out if there was one,was is to create such havoc (via wild Twitter claims about wiretapping) that Congress asks the question for him, publicly. Then he gets his answer. So now, thanks to Congress, the POTUS knows, he’s under investigation.

A lot of what goes on in DC is games within games. For instance,  Trump believed his only route to the presidency was via Russian help that would discredit his opponent. So he took it. Republicans  thought the only route back to presidential power was Trump, so they backed him.

But I imagine that it was always the Republican view that once Trump had power, the GOP in Congress would find a way to knock him out of power, probably via the accusation of help from Russians. Hence all the leaks.

The POTUS thinks the leaks are coming from civil servants with Democratic (not democratic) leanings, the “deep state.” The reality, I suspect, is that all the leaks are Republican in origin and going to continue until he’s removed from office. Whether Pence gets dragged down as well, I don’t know. But it would make sense to remove the POTUS, his VP, and all of his confirmed cabinet appointees.

It’s possible we might end up with Speaker Ryan as the new POTUS. I expect the Republican party would prefer that. It does seem to be the end goal.

In the meantime,  look forward to more outrageous POTUS claims in a bid to attempt to extract more information about the investigation he is under. Because it’s all about him. Remember how long he spent saying he was legitimate president? Legitimate presidents don’t do that.

If the POTUS was innocent of collusion with the Russians, he wouldn’t worry about these investigations and would instead get on with running the government. That he’s obsessed with the investigations, just proves he thinks he’s guilty of something.

The upshot of all is that this administration is in trouble, deep trouble. People at home and abroad no longer see a POTUS, just an paranoid man who does nothing but diminish  American democracy and power. To quote the POTUS, “Sad.”

But I will say this. Without all this investigation, without all this revelation, I think the EU elections might have gone differently. If the scandal and mess that America has landed in has served as an alarm and a call to action and helped prevent other nations falling prey to fake news and Russian interference, that’s a good thing.

America is tough. Americans are tough. We can survive scandal and crappy presidents. We’ve done it before, we can do it again. America’s style of democracy is designed to be a self-righting. Political entities in Europe and organizations like the EU are way less resilient.

If having a train wreck like Trump in office, temporarily, helped save other democracies, it was worth it. Europe I think forgot what bad government really looked like, now they’ve seen it in action. They can save themselves.The Austrians and the Dutch heeded the warning and did the right thing. France and Germany will likely do the same.

Yep. It was worth it.