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Behind Closed Doors


In going though my pile of mail, I noticed a request to use my home as a film location.  The production company was looking for homes in a certain area, of a certain square footage, etc, etc, and they were willing to pay $2000 a day. Needless to say, I was on board. I hasten to add, even after I found the old newspaper with the front banner that read “Adult Film Shoot Has Some Outraged,” I was still ok with it.

But will it be ok with the neighbors? City ordinances state that 95% of the neighbors within 300 feet of the location have to be ok with the filming permit being issued. Objections are mostly to the noise and bother of having all the trucks and people around. But in this case, the type of film may be a factor.

I personally see this as a free speech / equal protection issue. Why should one film type be ok and another not? Why is it ok to tie up an entire city to pretend blow up a building and kill a thousand people, but not ok to quietly film a scene of a sexual nature inside the confines of a private home? I simply don’t understand. Just like I don’t understand the condom law.

The reason for the sudden influx of requests for film locations in my county is because the neighboring county, where all the porn is traditionally shot, passed an ordinance saying all porn actors had to wear condoms. So, rather than wear a condom, they are simply choosing to move their productions. Again, I find myself completely baffled.

Why is ok for people to have sex in PG and R rated movies and never mention a condom, never show anyone using one, but in an adult film, all those people have to use and be seen to use condoms? It’s ridiculous. And really, wouldn’t it be better to show people using condoms in the PG and R films, the kind of films the vast majority of people watch?

I have heard that other cities and counties, including my own, are considering a condom ordinance, but I do hope I can pimp my house out before that happens.


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