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7 things I learned from Accidentally OD’ing

I believe I've got the vapors!

I believe I’ve got the vapors!

1. It pays not to have a life that is so fast paced that when one takes a doctor-prescribed tablet, one forgets this almost immediately and takes a second tablet with 2 minutes of the first.

From now on, I’m going to slow down a bit and put all my tablets for the day in one bottle so I don’t ever OD again.

2. It pays to have a bulimic friend. Inducing vomiting in a person who can hold down almost anything, including a bottle of Ipecac is a tough go.

Thankfully, in this actress-ridden area, help was only a phone call away. My sympathy for bulimics and what they go through on a daily basis has increased a thousand fold.

3. It pays not to have ivory skin.

Induced vomiting, when it’s really hard to induce, can cause petechial hemorrhaging. The morning after my eyes were swollen and my face and eyes were covered in berry-like splotches (which thankfully vanished in a couple of days).

4. I pays to have an active prayer life.

Enough said.

5. It pays to be able to calm yourself down.

Years of meditation leaves me almost able to drop my pulse and blood pressure to a dangerously low point.  Taking 200% of your medication when even taking 110% can cause a heart attack or a burst an aneurism . . . .

6. It pays to know and have on hand anything that can slow or block the absorption of a medication.

I always keep these things on hand. A good thing when one stupidly ODs at 10PM. But it’s not the best back-up plan. So, the recommended treatment of induced vomiting (3 times) was a must.

7. It pays to have a slow digestion.

I hadn’t realized that was the case till I brought up, 1st the pills, 2nd my dinner, 3rd part of my lunch!