About Indra

Welcome to my new WordPress.com site, A Seat At The Feast!

This is my catbird seat, from whence I shameless shill myself, my opinions, my books, music, art, love of life, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

I am the author of several crazy books, which you are welcome to buy from Amazon, B&N, or any other retailer in Paperback, PDF, ebook or whatever the heck mobi thing Amazon’s got going.

If you’re wonder what feast I’m referring to it’s the feast of life, folks. Auntie Mame was right you know, life is a banquet but most just choose to starve! Not me, I’m taking a seat and eating till I have to loosen some corset strings.

And unlike Hemmingway and his Moveable Feast, I’m going to love the hell out of it all from beginning to end wherever I am.

From the seemingly trivial stuff — like shampooing the coffee stains out of my yoga carpet in my backyard with as seen on TV Quick N Brite (yeah! proof that your stained life can be restored) — to the seemingly superimportant stuff — like meeting God at the Pearly Gates (Lord, I hope that’s the name of heavenly bar serving champagne and red velvet cake) — I’m going enjoy it all.

Feel like joining in? Hellzapoppin’ boys, so grab a plate and pull up a chair, there’s always room for one more here!


3 thoughts on “About Indra

  1. Hi Indra, I’ve come to a conclusion about Chipping Sparrow #6, the image you were interested in. The image on the blog is cropped from the original image which was 2.59 MB. I’ve remade a smaller image that is very close to the blog image of 1.14 MB. The pixels for this smaller image are 3409 by 2284. Just to clarify, this one is slightly different from the post on my blog for I’ve downsized the blog images dramatically. I am proposing to send this to you via e-mail, it’s about the only thing I have. I haven’t been keeping up with the times. I’ll send you the image and you can choose how you want to enlarge it, print it, whatever. I signed this one a little differently, talainsphotography, excluding the blog. Let me know if this works for you, Michael

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