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Don’t let the size fool you, this bird can do aerial combat with the best. (Click on the image.)

These days almost all authors do shameless self-promotion through social media. I’m pretty shameless and selfish, but not very social media oriented and I don’t care much about promoting what I’ve written.

Psalm 128 :2 says You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. Oh how joyful and prosperous you will be!

Why I should worry about doing promotion if God’s taking care of it?

Oh wait, I shouldn’t.

Extra seats are set out seven times a month, which is also how often I tweet.

If you’re worried about my drowning your inbox a rapturous vapidity of posts, forgetaboutit. Life is too short to be online all the time.  Really!  But don’t tell my publisher.  This blog is to convince my publisher I actually care and / or listen to what they say — which I don’t. This is my “just for fun” site ; ) Shhh. Our secret.

“A Seat At The Feast” is © 2008 – eternity Indra Anderson and all rights are reserved.  But the pictures not so much. And in these days of rampant IP theft . . . . Just remember God is watching.

Feeling extra peckish, or peevish, about some morsel I’ve set out? Drop me a line at Indra.Anderson@ymail.com or drop dead. Your pick!


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