Three Fetes Accomplis

By Indra Anderson

Release date: Oct 1, 2011

ISBN 13: 978-1-937388-07-2
Retail: 99 cents (really!)
Pages: 271 (in a 6 x 9 format)
Publisher: Far Away Books

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Three Fetes Accomplis

This is book six in the Sarsfield Hexology (that’s a series of six books).

The big night is nearly here. At long last Ioan Lennox can cast aside his costume and lay out his cards. Sadly, it’s All Hallows and the spirits have nothing but tricks in store. Will he be able to deal to the Devil and win? It’s a question even the angels can’t answer. A contemporary travel mystery for lovers of history, romance, true crime, and the slightly geeky, nerdy paranormal.

Feel free to love it and give it a good review.  You know you want to.

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