And the earth quaked.

Minka slept on the foot of Gran’s bed all Sunday afternoon, which she rarely does when Gran is in bed during the day. She was saying goodbye and I love you, though we did not know it.

Monday morning, my Gran passed away, at home, in her bed just as she always wanted.

At the hour of Gran’s death, there was an earthquake which shook the house. It’s center was located in her town, which never happens. Mutti says it was caused by the Lord coming himself to collect her soul. I believe that. He is good; and his mercy endures forever.

We are very happy for Gran, who is in heaven with all our family, and free of infirmity. But we are all hard hit by grief, that comes in and out, often on little cat feet. Rest assured, Minka is going to be well taken care of for the rest of her days.

I look forward to the day I see Gran again, though she will be in my heart always as I live my life, shaped by her extraordinary, unfailing love, mercy, generosity, faith, sacrifice, and goodness. She was daily object lesson of Christ’s nature. A humble hidden saint living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. A testimony to the goodness and power of God to do so much more than anyone could think or imagine with our small, imperfect, broken lives.

So very sad right now. Can’t eat. Can’t sleep. And yet I know she is with me now, even now, urging me to go on with my life with a renewed spirit of hope and joy, knowing I am now under her watchful heavenly eyes and filled with a double portion of her grace as a parting gift.

There is nothing more to say.

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