Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Fair warning: Gran took off her O2 Monday night, her sats dropped to 85 and she didn’t know who I was for a couple days. Last night she had a blood pressure spike (217/100 pulse of 94). I was up till 1 AM. I totally forgot what day of the week it was this morning. And so this post is way late and probably kind of loopy. But, it’s Friday, and it’s all Good now. So… excelsior.

This week has been summer-esque. In the 80s and even 90s. The lark sparrow flock moved on, though we see few stragglers passing through every day trying to catch up. As consolation for the loss of our sparrows, a Swainson’s Thrush appeared and sang very sweetly for a day. Then a trio of baby bunnies appeared from beneath the African Iris bush to frolic in the yard night. And finally, the Desert Pink Evening Primroses began to bloom against the last of the yellow bearded irises. All good.

On my walk last night the whole of the world was perfumed with honeysuckle, jasmine and roses. It was great, till I came home to Gran’s crisis. But even that had an upside. I was able to reunite more of the mouse Family Robinson in the yard. Mouse #10 along with mouses 11 to 30 were reunited this week. I catch one about every 2 hrs in the evening. And I’m still trapping and releasing. I’m committed to non-violent relocation.

Harriet the Cooper’s Hawk came by to cool her toes in the bird bath yesterday and noticed the small mammal buffet was now open. The mouse problem will be naturally contained, I think. Minka also keeps an eye on the mice so the don’t overstep their bounds. Although she fled her post in the yard at the sound of the HS PA system when the football announcer began on Weds afternoon. To be fair, it was a sound she had not heard in a year. She has since gone back on duty, but I shudder to think when the Scottish pipe and drum corp finally resumes their Monday evening practices.

This week in Covid good news/ bad news…. Mutti pronounced me “the best daughter ever.” I’m her only daughter, so….yeah. I received this high praise after I scored her Pfizer shot appointments (1st & 2nd) at a CVS 30 min from my folks’ home. The first shot is Easter Monday. Because I texted her this news on April 1st at 8:30 am she thought I was April Fool’s-ing her. But the joke was on her. Real deal. My Da was super excited.

In a couple weeks, I will be eligible. Hopefully, I can get vaccinated early on and return home with my proof card. I really don’t want to have to quarantine, again. And I would love to take the journey by plane. The SO told me he me to extend my stay if need be to get fully vaxed. I see his point. It’d be hard, but he’s right. It’s the best course of action. So we’ll see what happens. That’s the good news.

In bad news, a friend told me about a coworker whose mother died last week — not because of having covid but because her local hospital was full of covid patients. The mother had had bowel issues the previous year, from which she recovered. She started having problems again and asked her doctor to help her. But the doctor kept telling her it was too dangerous to put her in hospital, where she might get covid. He kept putting it off. Eventually he finally booked her an exploratory surgery to see what was going on.

Post the exploratory, she went from 138lbs to 89lbs. She died a couple days later “having literally starved to death.” Had her doctor put her in hospital when she first complained, as he would have done if there had been less covid, she would be alive. This is what happens when people refuse to wear masks, social distance, or get vaccines. They get sick, they get others sick, they hospitals needlessly fill up with preventable covid cases. And those pro-covid people? They end up killing innocent, actually unavoidably sick people like this mum.

Yamada Shokei, block print

In news of my planner? Still going. I dropped the Examen just for this month and booked in reading and writing poetry instead, because it’s National Poetry Month. This week’s winner, American, Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Amy Lowell‘s “A Coloured Print by Shokei“. Of course me being me, I had to find the print that inspired her to write the poem. And I did. An 1890s block print by Yamada Shokei of a waterfall. I digitally color corrected it a bit you could see it in somewhat fuller glory.

In other written word news… I found an old letter of my Grandfather’s this week. He had very distinct technical handwriting because he was an engineer. I think they call it Modern Gothic. Modern meaning about 1920? When I was small (around 2) he gave me a ruler to help me trace letters of the alphabet. I still have it. So I decided to have some fun improving my technical printing and cursive writing this month.

There’s something really pleasurable about writing, physically writing with a pen on paper. It’s calming, meditative. (They say it helps the memory too.) I’m not shooting for calligraphy, although my copperplate is pretty good. But better printing would be blessing and I’m trying to keep a sort of Architectural style going for the month of April anyway. The SO says my chicken scratch indicates I should have been a doctor. But really, I just jot down thoughts on the fly most days. Though I admit, I sometimes cannot later decipher my own writing.

We’ve all been there.

Spoiler Alert! This week Resident Alien wrapped up. If you haven’t seen it, a good Easter binge watch. I’m now going to talk about Season 2, so this might be spoilers. I’m just spit-balling here. But I’m pretty good at figuring out story arcs so, you were warned. Skip over this part if you want and go to the bunny pic below.

Given Harry the Resident Alien (RA), failed his mission, you have to expect someone, a superior, to show up and ask why he isn’t back and why Earth isn’t depopulated of humans. And given he comes from a “brutal” race… brutal consequences are expected.

I expect, I hope, there will be an episode about the 59. Because the RA found Tellurium in the mine, which leads me to think that aliens have been mining it. Ancient Astronaut theorists are big on under mountain (and under sea) alien bases. An old alien base / mine under the mountains of Patience? I can see that. Perhaps “the 1” broke through a wall he should not have and was killed by aliens. When “the 59” went after their lost brother miner, they too had to be taken out. Makes sense.

I’m curious about the real Harry Vanderspiegle. He clearly still passionately loved his wife when he met his end. This means, he pushed her away and made her divorce him. But why? My guesses include, as a hot-shot pathologist, he was threatened with harm to Isabell unless he fixed a murder case. That, or he’s a part-time contract killer or serial killer and all the that meat in the freezer isn’t actually elk or rabbit but human.

But why kill Dr Sam? We know Dr Sam has lived in Patience at least 20 years. Was he in witness protection? Maybe he was a contract hit? Or maybe part of the “plan” was for Dr V to kill Sam and take over as the doctor, for reasons yet to be revealed. I’m curious to find out. I’m curious about Dr Evan too. He’s way too perfect with way too stellar a resume to take up in a town like Patience. There are secrets there. And speaking of, I’d like to know why Dan took in Asta’s mom, what was their relationship, and where is her mom now?

I hope the Alien Tracker returns, and finds his 30 year old son. I think there’s a story arc there. Also, it’s impossible to think the General will leave alone anyone who naturally can see an alien (like Max or the AT). Plus I love Terry O’Quinn. I’m also interested to see what becomes of Agent Logan, now he’s on the outside. He has no job to go back to. He needs to lay low. He has alien interests. But how do you stay in Patience after you stick up the Mayor Hawthorne’s wife and kids, and the Mayor and his wife beat you bloody?

I’d like to see further back story on Deputy Liv and Sheriff Mike, as well as Jimmy and Jay. But I think Sahar’s story would be the most compelling. She is accepting of “outsiders” because she’s been one. Her actions make me think she’s a refugee camp survivor. She speaks for her mom. She’s had to be the adult. She’s brilliant. She gets by on brass, wit, cunning, deal making, playing people. I’m guessing she is why her family got a golden ticket to the US? We never see her dad, although her he exists. So, where is he?

Anyway, that’s all my thoughts there. So, moving on.

Dude, I’m telling you. It’s not an Easter egg. Don’t sit on it.

Ok, moving on. Thinking a lot about Easter Eggs in the Easter story. There’s a verse, 1.5 verses actually, in just one of the Gospels, that I find quite amazing. You’ve probably never heard of it. If you did, you’ve probably never thought about it. So, this Easter, it’s my gift to you.

Jesus last miracle happens on the cross. But it’s not his death on the cross. His death on the cross frees from sin. But that’s not a miracle. That’s the outworking of the long story arc of divine justice hitting it’s nadir. The zenith, the miracle, happens right before that. Jesus last thought, as he lay upon the cross suffocating, bleeding, beaten dying, was not about God or feeling abandoned or cut off. His last thought was of his mother, Mary.

Mary was the foot of his cross, with the other women who has supported his ministry and followed him. All through everything, Mary and the women were there. Also at the foot of the cross one lone male disciple, John, the Beloved. And Jesus says, in words probably sheer torture to try and speak, “Woman, here is your son.” Then to John he says, “Here is your mother.” And from that point, John took Mary into his home.

The cross, the sacrifice, the forgiveness, it has no meaning if the end result is not uniting us all as family. Not as distant family. Immediate family. Jesus last miracle was creating the family of God, to which all of us belong, even if we don’t believe in Jesus. If the pandemic has taught you nothing else, it should have taught you we are one family living on world.

So yes, I save a family of mice. And yes, I take care for my Gran, and my folks. And I do everything I can to protect the giant family of Earth that I’m apart of even though, like the Resident Alien, I live in one small town. Because that’s the final point Jesus thought worth making, as he was dying on the cross. Take care of each other. Love one another as I have loved you. For if you cannot love a person you can see, you cannot love a God you cannot. And God is love and anyone who lives in love is living with God and God is living in him.

Will that circle of love Jesus asked us to create with his last breath be unbroken? In this life, it’s up to us.

Original words, by Ada Harbershon, 1907

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