Shopping in a time of Covid-19

The Yellow Jack. Get used to seeing it flown.

I see a lot of concern (and panic buying) around Covid-19. So, here’s some helpful tips.

If you need products and goods, try to order them online. Sounds weird, but you can spray a box delivered to your door, you can spray or clean the contents, and then bring them in to your home.

You can do this with food, pet food, almost anything. Even drug stores will deliver your meds rather than make you go in for them. Take advantage of those things. That’s better than going to a store, touching stuff a lot of people have touched and being around a lot of people who might be sick.

Avoid Wal-Mart and Target, Costco, etc . I get the grocery box stores have good prices. They don’t provide healthcare to their workers. They do everything they can to drive their workers in to poverty. If they don’t show up to work, they don’t have rent money. Those workers will show up sick. And I don’t blame them for that.

Image result for states with expanded medicaid

The dead people in Blue Washington were killed by a person from Orange NC.

If you live in a place with universal health care, probably less of an issue. If you live a place with expanded medicare, maybe less of an issue. But if you can, use chain stores, Ralph’s, Von’s, Kroger’s, etc. They have unions, unions have good healthcare. Pay the extra money, buy it at a chain store.

If you can’t find product at the chain store, try Lowe’s or Home Depot rather than a box grocery store. They carry a lot of the cleaning supplies you might need. They’re less frequented, so they tend to have a lot of stuff in stock. Also, not a place where a lot of young kids or the elderly go. So you reduce risk to yourself and to others.

Avoid any pub, restaurant, fast food, theater, movie house, sport stadium, any place that relies on minimum wage workers and/or provides no healthcare. Use that money to buy yourself some movie channels or Amazon Prime or new books, games, music (new, not used).

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See the word Public? Walk away from the Doctor.

Avoid places that share things. Public toilets. Public Libraries. Public schools. Public transport. If it has the word public in it….give it a pass if you possibly can. It’s not always possible. I get it. So carry some wipes with you, or a little spritz bottle filled with a cleaning product and some paper towels.

If you have to buy fresh produce, buy fresh stuff that’s wrapped. Canned goods, frozen goods, dry packaged goods? They’re you’re friends. Don’t buy fruit or veg anyone might have handled, or sneezed on, or coughed on. Yes, you can and should wash all your produce. But a packaged good has at least a layer of protection bulk goods don’t.

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No. Heck no.

And speaking of bulk goods,  stay away from your loose in the barrel, scoop it yourself into a bag bulk goods. If it comes from a public barrel with a public scoop, avoid it. If it’s got a public pull to dispense handle, don’t touch it. Unless you want to start wearing old school 1950’s gloves everywhere. Which you could.

You could have driving gloves. You could wear cloth gloves in public spaces to touch things like doors and knobs and latches and stuff. Maybe a 50’s hat with a veil. I guess there’s something to be said for fashion as health care. Although I don’t think a hijab has helped stopped the spread in Iran. So there’s that.

Image result for 1950s model hat veil

Veil, gloves and an umbrella to shove people out of the way.

Cleaning supplies like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or even high proof vodka can all be used used. You don’t need lysol. You can mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and hit surfaces with it. You don’t need clorox wipes if you have the products to make them.

There’s no shortage of the materials, just the finished products. 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol + aloe vera gel = purell. Don’t get caught up in the finished product. Figure out what’s going to protect you. Make that. Use that.

Avoid travel, planes, trains, buses, subways, cruise ships. It’s not like they can sterilize these places. Not everyone can avoid this stuff, I get it. But be aware that a lot of things can be done remotely. Skype, Zoom, video chat. Do you really need to travel for pleasure? No. For work? Probably not. Get creative.

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Blow someone’s mind with creative solutions!

Shopping malls? food Courts? Doctors offices? All avoidable unless you’re naked, slipping into a low blood sugar coma, or genuinely ill. Laundry can’t be done remotely, but you can run an empty load with suds and bleach to clean out public washer before you do your load, and you can line dry your clothes at home to avoid a public dryer.

Avoid rich people. Seriously. They’re the carriers. I’m sorry if that offends anyone. But they have money to travel. And they don’t think about being sick, because they have money and can afford healthcare.

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So far, 45 sick. And they’re not even fully tested yet.

Consider the cruise ship sitting off SF right now with 3500 people on it. One guy got sick on a trip from SF to Mexico. Who knows how, maybe from the rich person that had that cabin on the trip before. That ship emptied and reboarded in SF to take people to HI. On the way to HI, 11 people got sick. By that time, the first guy who could afford a cruise, he was dead. Now 3500 are hostages.

The outbreak in Washington state started because a person had the money to fly from NC to WA state and visit someone in that nursing home. That North Carolinian, that could afford that flight, sealed the fate of those people in that Washington nursing home. So, if you know rich people that can afford to travel, avoid them.

Probably the biggest problem with Covid-19 is the corrupt (not incompetent) government response. And I get why in the US things are as they are. There’s a number of factors at play. Shutting down critical departments and stealing their budgets to build walls is a thing for the current administration. There had been talk of cutting social security. You don’t have to do that if you let a virus kill off  your “more expensive to maintain” elderly.

Corruption in the Senate, not new. Still news.

Then there’s the fact that 80% of people get the virus and recover. If you can avoid admitting that the 80% had Covid-19 by not testing them, and instead say “Oh it was flu. And those people, they died of flu. It was their fault for not getting the vaccine” Then it’s not your fault. You look like you took steps and your country had a tremendously low incident of Covid-19. I assume that’s part of what’s going on now.

And of course, we’ve got a president that was raised by a mom that dragged him to Norman Vincent Peale services. For people that don’t know, NVP was into positive thinking. If you had cancer, you just had to believe you didn’t. Until it went away. Uh, yeah, could happen. But in general, spontaneous remission is rare and not confined to just those who blinker themselves to reality.

Image result for norman vincent peale

It all started right here.

I love NVP. He has many good points to reflect upon. But positive thinking won’t stop Covid-19. If you’re afraid to hear anything negative, because it disrupts your positive thinking? Frankly, you should not be in charge of a country or a public health emergency response. I would hope you end up getting Covid-19. Because maybe you’ll wake up to reality, to real Christianity. If not, well, that’s on you.

I think we can all agree, if you suddenly found a big crack in your living room wall, you’d be concerned. You’d probably look around to try to figure out why there was a crack. Settling? Earthquake? Rot? Damp? Termites? God gave you a brain so you could figure it out.

You wouldn’t just ignore it, and pretend that if you believe it isn’t there, it will heal itself. That God will fix it. If you did, you’d end up dead because your house collapsed on you. And it would be your fault. And if other people were in the house, that’d be your fault too. If you don’t use the brain, time and money God gave you, that’s on you not God.

Image result for insects

If you don’t care for the least of these creatures….

About a year ago, scientists said 90% of our insects were in steep decline. And insects make the world go round. The government responses were….crickets. A few months ago, a billion animals and billions of trees and plants were lost, to wildfire in Australia. The government response was…a passing cloud of smoke.

Now 14 people have died of Covid-19 in the US and the government response is …. deny people have it, refuse to test widely for it, hide all results and throw 8 billion dollars at it — which will more than likely end up being executive emergency ordered away to build a wall.

All this has happened because people can’t face reality. Because NVP Christianity has so infected American thinking, that we have an administration that becomes completely unhinged in response to any real, concrete, scientific fact or news that falls outside the pale of it’s magical thinking box.

It’s not a surprise. Remember the over the top insanity over the fact of the pictures of the inauguration showing Obama’s crowd was huge compared to Trump’s?

Image result for inauguration photos

It’s reality. Accept it.

To be fair, a lot of people will ignore a metaphorical crack in the wall, even as their house collapses. They might stop and plaster over it. So as not to look at it. But they don’t want to anything about it. They don’t want to do the real work, pay the real cost, to really fix it. They figure, as the French king of old, “It’ll last my time at least.”

Sot they do nothing unless it 100% impacts them negatively. People in government, particularly rightward-oriented governments, refuse to acknowledge the emergency started when the insects, and the birds, and the plants, and the animals, and the ice caps, and the coral all started disappearing.

They knew what was going on and why, they just lied about it because they hoped it’d last their lifetime. They’d cling to power through their lies, and push the work off to the future. There’s massive denial, by governments and people, that humans are actually mammals, basic run of the road animals, and 100% dependent on nature to survive. A nature that’s being rapidly destroyed.

Covid- 19 isn’t actually the problem. It’s nature creating a cure for a problem. It’s nature saving itself. In the end, nature always win. The only question is, do you want to get on the winning side and save yourself? If you really want to live, you have to prioritize saving the planet that supports you a mere passing animal on it. And you have to vote for governments that will pay the price in effort, time and money to fix the crack.

Image result for crack in the earth

That’s one big crack.



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