Who’s minding the mint?

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At this point, I guess former US General, John Kelly is now the de facto president running the US govt. I don’t say that as an insult or as praise. I just state it as a fact.

The Republican Congress has decided the Republican president is incompetent to be president but clearly don’t want him replaced by Pence, because then they’d lose the chump base voters, who still cling to the failed president. The GOP are counting on those die-hard chump voters in 2018, even as that base clearly is eroding fast and will likely be gone by the 2018 elections.

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Given the bad situation GOP has found itself in with a chump president who is clearly not a GOP supporter and not qualified to be president, the GOP has had to take some drastic actions. First they had to remove the president’s ability to make foreign policy, because of the head chump’s inability to even care that Russia interfered with the US elections. Then, they had to even go so far as to remove chump’s ability to remove Special Counsel Mueller. The GOP, had to legally stop the GOP president chump from doing something that would get said GOP president impeached.

In other words, the president of the US is considered by his own party, and even his own White House staff, to be a toddler.

Repeated reports from within the White House state that the president can’t read more than half a page without getting bored and distracted — toddler. They also state that the president always decides things based on the last person he spoke to — because he has a toddler’s memory and attention span.

Even new chief of staff Kelly confirmed this. Kelly actually said this about the president: he makes bad decisions because he’s not given good information and he thinks fake news is real news. So, there you go.

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Real general, real president

Because of this reality, Kelly now controls all information that reaches the president. This is what Kelly said he was doing. Kelly is de facto controlling the govt, because only Kelly decides what the president sees in the way of reports and and only Kelly decides who the president talks to last.

This again is not a pro or anti statement. It’s just the stated facts.

I guess president chump having gone to military school is okay taking orders from a ranking officer. But it’s not a good situation for a democracy to have no real democratically elected leader who has no ability to govern or lead and has himself to be lead and governed by his chief of staff.

I guess the GOP is okay with the situation. I guess they think a US General is unlikely to have anything but the country’s’ best interests at heart. Of course one has to consider that the GOP and president chump were okay with General Flynn. I’m not saying Kelly is in the same category as Flynn. But the chump has record of choosing the worst possible person for any job.

And too, people want a real president in the executive branch. Not a puppet whose strings are pulled by his chief of staff. If chump can’t be a real president, which we all know he can’t, he should be removed. That the GOP doesn’t do that, basically means they’re okay with destroying the Constitution and the fabric of our democracy.

The only question now is, how loyal, John Kelly, our de facto second Irish Catholic president, will be to America and her Constitution.

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Real general, shadow president




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