Like father, like son

Admittedly, I read through Don Jr’s self-published emails. I think they were posted in an attempt to clear himself of wrong doing. Reading them, they are clearly incriminating. They’re also doctored copies.

The printouts, that have been recopied many times, probably to hide edits and redactions. But it’s clear that what is show reflects only a few select emails that appear to repeat other select emails.

What isn’t show are printouts of the original emails. That’s important to remember. That’s what contains things like who saw what, when, and how many times things were circulated about.

The initial email sent, on a Friday, by Rob Goldstone, talks about the son of a Russian oligarch, Emin Agaralov, having a father, Aras Agaralov, who met with a Kremlin lawyer wanting to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton. The subject of the mail is Re: Russia – Clinton private and confidential.

Uh … okay. Pretty clear there one is venturing into the territory of collusion with Russians, to manipulate an election, all of which is illegal. In fact the letter states that “Russia and its government support Mr Trump.” Normal people would back away.

But, let’s continue. Because the Trump campaign certainly did.

So the meeting between the father, Aras, and the Russian lawyer, happened in the morning in Moscow. At approx 5:30 pm Moscow time; 10:30 am NYC time, the son, Emin, calls Rob Goldstone to use him to get in touch with Trump.

Rob then reaches out to Don Jr. And the best part of the email? Rob hesitates to send it to DJT Sr because it’s “ulltra sensitive” and apparently everyone knows, even within the family the Trump kids know, Don Sr is a babbling fool not to be trusted with anything sensitive.

Jr says he’s busy — it’s Friday. I guess he’s going golfing. But he’ll email Ron back Monday.  I find the casual response to the offer of Russian information straining credulity. Jr states it could be helpful later in the race, after the primaries are over. Okay….

Do we think that Jr never discussed this with anyone else on the campaign or his father the entire weekend? I don’t. So where are those weekend emails?

Monday at 12:40 pm. Rob reaches out again. About 2 hours later, 3:03 NYC time, Jr says he wants to talk to Emin. So, what happened in those 2 hours? Who else knew that this phone call was going to happen?

Rob replies that Emin, the son, is on stage in Moscow, where the time is 10:30 pm, but he’ll call when he gets off stage at 11 pm. And then there there’s no emails reported. Interesting. So in that half hour, who gathered in Jr’s office to be on the call?

At 4:38 pm NYC time (11:38 pm Moscow time), Jr sends an email thanking Rob for hooking him up with Emin. So, clearly there was a call, but we have no idea who was on it besides Emin and Jr. We know from the email that call could have lasted anywhere up to 40 minutes.

The call was specifically about Hillary Clinton and how Russia could help bring her down. That’s called collusion. Anyone arranging that call, or on that call, is guilty of collusion. But what’s really interesting is that after that long phone call, they decide to go ahead and set up a meeting — in NYC to get a Russian on US soil to collude with their campaign.

The following day, Tuesday, at 4:20 PM NYC time, Rob emails to set up a meeting in NYC between Jr and “the Russian attorney.”

Please note:  At this point, that we know of, from the emails we are shown, no one ever says if the attorney is a woman or a man Also, no name is ever given in the emails that were released. If this were all above board, there’d be a name and a gender. These people know what they are doing is collusion.  I also suspect there are emails that give the names, but they were not released.

The Russian attorney is said to be arriving in the US on Thursday, to go to court and will be in a NYC local court until 3 pm — and after that will able to leave that court and arrive at Jr’s office at 4 pm. That puts the courthouse within a 1 hr drive time of the office. That would seem to be something  both notable and checkable.

And not only that, this attorney is traveling with another person. You can’t tell me Mueller of the FBI isn’t pulling flight logs and immigration records already. Ask yourself what cases were going on involving the Russian govt in 2016 in NYC? What kind of case might need a Russian representative. The answer is the Russian money laundering thing Preet Bharara was working on and sure enough, the lawyer Don Jr met with was involved.

Also, in this email, Rob says he’ll be sending Don Jr the names of these two Russian people, for security, but we never see that email from Rob which gives names them. He also says he’s going to the meeting to introduce them personally. So, sometime before the meeting, Rob is meeting them and taking them to Jr’s office.

This is why I say, there are more emails from this discussion than the ones we are being shown. Probably a lot more, with a lot of names in the CC / BC listings. I expect the FBI will request them and eventually they will become public.

On Wednesday, June 8, Rob’s email indicate that as of 11:18 am, NYC time, the Russian attorney and her companion have not arrived in the US from Moscow. It’s also the first time anyone mentions the attorney is a “she.” So that gives the FBI a window of arrivals to discover the other person who was on the plane with the lawyer.

So there you have it.

Issuing what he thinks are exculpatory facts. Jr in fact incriminates himself completely. And not just himself, his bro-in-law Jared, and then campaign manager and still Russian lobbyist Paul Manafort as well. If we could but see the rest of the unredacted emails, which the FBI will, DJT Sr I’m sure is in this as well.

Like father, like son.


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