Of Mice and men

It’s an interesting time to be in the US. Basically, there is a “president” and “party” in office that is only there because it felt the only way to power was by engaging in treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors.

This has nothing to do with moderate GOP voters who happen to think budgets should always be balanced, or immigration should always be legal, or the federal govt should be less a factor than state or local govts in people’s lives. As ideas in themselves, there’s nothing wrong with those.

What’s wrong really is simply that when times change and beliefs change, people who once had a chance at power, see that slipping away forever. Instead of growing and changing, they resort to any means to hang on to power. And this is what we’re seeing with the GOP.

Think about the idea of a minimum wage, how heretical that was once. Or a 40 hour work week. Or a business being open on Sunday. Or divorce. Lots of ideas seems revolutionary at first, but in time, if they have value, they become the norm. Today, none of the things I mentioned seem strange.

Someday universal healthcare won’t seem strange. Someday there may be a maximum wage — yes, really. Someday police will choose de-escalation over the race-driven panic and shoot response the prevails now. Times change. The only question is how we change with them.

To be honest, in the eyes of the public, the entire GOP is dead from the neck up. They should all be impeached and imprisoned. But it didn’t have to be that way. They could have grown and changed, they just chose not to.

A stage play of Julius Cesar recently had a Trump-like figure being assassinated. A young woman apparently jumped up on the stage and asked “Do you want to see Trump assassinated?” I think the answer to that was pretty clear.  The play is about how bad things that happen when violence takes over a political system.

But if the entire GOP congress, leadership, and all the White House staffers were down at Mar-a-lago and a sink hole opened up and swallowed them all? I doubt the vast majority of people in the country would be upset. They’d likely be relived. That’s not the fault of the people. That’s the fault of the GOP govt.

That’s what happens when administrations terribly go wrong. That’s what happens when a party decides treason is the best route to power. That gerrymandering, suppressing the vote of people of color, or simply deleting their voter records is the best way to “serve the people.”

You can’t really blame people for not giving a crap about “leaders” who clearly are so corrupt and so greedy that they are completely and totally disinterested in preserving their country against it’s enemies or serving the people who elected them. You just can’t.

The only reason Trump went to Camp David the other weekend, was because he was afraid of being assassinated. After the GOP congressman from Louisiana was shot on the ball field, Trump realized he was in danger. So being the blowhard coward he was, he packed up and went to Camp David to be safe. Even though he’s repeatedly said it’s “too rustic” for him.

Someone asked last night on a news program what to do about a president like this, one so clearly awful. That’s easy.

  • Record every word and action taken. To be used in evidence later.
  • Investigate the administration and the party and their appointees thoroughly.
  • Refute every boneheaded administrative action and law change that happens,.
  • Record legislative actions and law changes because they’ll all need to be reversed in 4 years if they can’t be stopped.
  • Do all in your power locally to protect elections. Reject electronic voting, gerrymandering, voter suppression tactics, etc. Watch the polls.
  • Attend public meetings. Make recordings. Ask questions. Write letters. Talk about what’s happening without getting mad at people even if they get mad at you.
  • Protest, sit in, chant. And never cover your face, only cowards who don’t believe in their actions being just will cover their faces.

As for the personal stuff, the Mika and Morning Joe type stuff, just let it go in one ear and out the other, because focusing on that stuff (all of which is conduct unbecoming and technically an impeachable offense) is missing the real stuff.

Someday people might have to really stand up in way that’s as dramatic as the Viet Nam protests, or the Civil Rights protests. That time is probably coming soon. As reported by The Guardian today the GOP has officially gone off the deep end. Here’s the headline

Portland Republicans to use militia for security as far-right rallies continue

That’s right, the GOP is now walking the path of the NAZI party. Read the article, then read this from wikipedia on the NAZI brown shirts, or storm troopers as they were called.

If you aren’t concerned by this, you should be aware that the Trump administration is littered with self-professed Neo-NAZIs  (alt-right, white supremacists, KKK, take your pick of a name). These are people who have no problem using Hitler’s playbook to gain and keep power.

So when you start having discourse about bad govt, remember what went bad was the govt, not the people. People made a mistake in giving Hitler power. They made a mistake in allowing his power to grow.

I think the real lesson here is not responding to hate with more hate. There’s no reason to hate people that got conned into giving the GOP power. The proper response is de-escalation of that power.

It’s states exercising their rights and saying “No, we aren’t doing that.”  (Which weirdly used to be a GOP things, states’ rights. ) It’s using every legal and social means of cutting off the power of a mad man and his equally mad party. It’s about taking back the power that belongs to the citizens.

It’s citizens protesting, and working for a better govt and running for office.  If the govt isn’t working for the welfare of all the citizens, all citizens a have a right to reject that govt. It’s not about this or that party in office, it’s about everyone in office really doing their best to help the people of the nation.

If all you can think about it your party, you’re missing the point of a nation. As a great Canadian once said, you can vote for white cats, or you can vote for black cats, but you’re still mice. Isn’t it time you voted for a mouse?

What the nation needs isn’t more or different men to give us more or different hateful words and actions. It needs mice. Humble little mice, working together to make the world a micer place for everyone.

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