Things I just want to know

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Everything you put on this govt form is for sale to 3rd parties. EVERYTHING.

I have questions. I consume a lot of news, I read widely. I mean WIDELY. I’ve worked with industries that work with voter information. I’ve seen how it’s used and bought and sold and how and who has access to it. But I still have basic questions.

If 39 states were hacked, which states were they? Why won’t you tell me? Are they states Trump won or Clinton won exclusively? If 21 states elections-relates systems were hacked, which ones were they? Why won’t you tell me?

Has anyone asked if any House or Senate races were hacked in the past as “tests”? What about in 2016, were any of those races hacked to give the GOP a majority? What about state-level races? Any of those hacked? What about ballot initiatives? Any of those hacked?

If you know voter rolls were tampered with, isn’t that proof of a botched election? Shouldn’t we be doing it over? Shouldn’t we be using a paper-based system so it’s all traceable and avoid 100% electronic systems?

Data company’s shouldn’t have people’s voting-related information. That’s my opinion. Why do they? Because in each state, the Secretary of State sells your voter information to companies that have a “legitimate” reason to use them. These are companies verifying legal voters names on petitions, for example. This also includes to political parties who are trying to “get out the vote.”

But should anyone besides your county registrar actually have access to any of the information on your Voter Registration Card? Has any voter agree, when they filled out a voter registration card, ever been asked if their state govt could sell their personal confidential information to third parties?

And what about the exposure of all those names and personal information thanks to Trump’s friends at Data Analytics and the RNC? Can we,the voters, now sue our state governments, which sold our information to these folks without our permission, as a violation of right to privacy?

I think we can.

Next time you see someone asking to register you to vote, walk away. Those folks get paid to get your registration. They give those cards to the people that hired them, usually the GOP or the DNC, and they make a copy of your registration and then give the original to your county registrar.


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