Let them eat cake


I don’t think Trump, Putin, or Assad are good leaders. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Americans, Russians, and Syrians aren’t great people.

At the normal, “everyday people” level, we all want the same things: peace and prosperity. It’s the mentally ill people that want money for sake of money, or power just so they can kill other people they don’t like for the sake of killing them.

I don’t want to lump Trump, Putin and Assad together. But lately, it’s become apparent they are all the same type of leader. Neither Putin nor Assad mind killing civilians or indeed their own peaceful civilian population who want democracy. Sadly, for America, Trump has already exceeded the Russians and Assad in killing civilians.

There used to be a collateral damage equation for actions the US military took. No more than 20-25 civilian casualties were acceptable. No one wanted these people to die, but in the course of war, people die. If you plan to keep the death of civilians to a minimum, so you don’t create backlash or needless deaths, you have a plan. Ttump’s only plan is killing, he doesn’t care about civilians.

Hopefully you remember ISIS, the reason we’re still fighting in Iraq, and in Syria, and Al-Qaeda, which is the reason we’re fighting in Yemen. You might remember Yemen as Trump’s first failed mission, which he then blamed on Obama.

On Jan 29, in Yemen, a Navy SEAL team — along with commandos from the United Arab Emirates — dropped in on an AQAP compound,  the inhabitants, who may or may not have even been AQ and had no intelligence, fought back, leaving one SEAL dead, several injured, and 25 civilians (9 of whom were children) dead. All for “intelligence” that was anything but.

Then in early March, which you may not recall, there was a week of airstrikes in Yemen. That week saw 40 raids. In total in March the U.S. reportedly launched more than 49 strikes across the country—more strikes than the U.S. has ever carried out in a single year in Yemen.  There was no information released on civilian casualties. None.

The U.S. also resumed some weapons sales to the Saudis, last month, after the transfers were frozen by President Obama amid concerns about mounting civilian casualties in Yemen.

In March alone, in Syria, 1,134 civilians were killed in March – 417 by gov, 260 by U.S., 224 by Russia, 119 by ISIS, 14 by rebels. That’s a pretty harsh fact. The US killed more innocent civilians in Syrian than Russia, or ISIS, in its efforts to beat back ISIS.

In March, In Iraq,  a US airstrike city killed 300 civilians in a single bombing event Mosul,, including many children. The US had dropped leaflets telling people not to leave the apartment building and they would be safe. Then the US bombed the apartment building.

The Los Angeles Times has described the March 17th strike as among the deadliest incidents in decades of modern warfare. And that wasn’t the only event, just the worst of the month. People were still talking about it in April, till the Syrian chemical attack happened.

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria are reported to have killed 1,484 civilians in just Iraq and Syria, in just March alone. That’s more than three times the number killed in President Barack Obama’s final full month in office. And we don’t even know how many civilians are believed to have died as a result of the 49 airstrikes across Yemen.

The US, at the behest if its Nero-like leader, is killing civilians with abandoned. And I understand that’s his policy.  As a candidate and as a president, he has said it would be his policy to kill the families of terrorists. This is what he’s doing, authorizing airstrikes that kill as many civilians as possible. Then saying “it was an accident.” Or better “ISIS mined the building and the shock of our bomb set off their bomb” (Russia said that too).

In spite of the Geneva Convention: Article 51.2, which states, “The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited,” he is, as a policy, murdering civilians. So yea, exactly like Putin and Assad.

Update: And now Trump has dropped the world’s largest bomb, with a kill radius of a mile, on the Afghans. I wonder how many of 95K civilian people who live in that area, along with their animals and crops, migratory birds, wild plants, will die.

It does seem that he takes too much pleasure in killing people. He really does. President Trump was enjoying the “most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen” when he ordered the air strike on a Syrian airfield last week. Moments later, he told Chinese president Xi Jinping — who was digging into some cake of his own — about the strike, he told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

That’s what he remembers about the night he killed a bunch of people and started a war on Syria’s govt? The chocolate cake? This is a despot, gleefully killing others to show off to another despot. How nice that chemical weapons went off in Syria, just so that he could tell China’s pro-killing even its own pro-democracy citizens about bombing Syria over desert.

I don’t want to lump an American president in with the likes of Putin, Assad, and Xi, but that’s where his policies place him. Also, it is kind of weird that he’s always bombing people over dinner. I can only imagine that he has low blood sugar. They say that if you blood sugar is dangerously low you can suffer from hallucinations, aggression, anxiety, confusion, delusions and disorientation. Guess that’s why his memory of that night is cake, and not casualties.





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