I, POTUS: The Wall and Immigration


I’m just going to touch on the wall issue here as proof of how compromised POTUS is mentally. I’m not at all political and I don’t have a million-dollar business, but even I can understand the problems of a wall. Using a wall to stop illegal immigration is like using Howitzer to kill a fly. With much the same result. You end up destroying your own house.

  1. First of all, there’s no way to tax Mexico that doesn’t end up meaning taxpayers foot the bill, twice, and alienating our democratic neighbor to the south. It was stupid to say this from the beginning.
  2.  Second, taking people’s wire transfers is stealing. A legal citizen who sends money to Mexico by wire transfer — only to have that legal money confiscated by the US government to pay for a wall — is theft. Pure and simple. Even if the person is in the country illegally, and sending money out of the country, you can’t prove the money wasn’t a charitable gift to that person.

Here are practical cheap ways to curb immigration, using existing systems, without blowing up existing international good will .

E Verify.

It already exists, just make a law saying  every employer and property manager that’s renting property must use it. f employers or landlords fail to E verify they lose tax breaks or are penalized severely. If they are found to have employed or rented property to persons here illegally, the government can seize that business or property.

E Verify could be extended to every school that receives federal funds as well. When a child registers at school, E verify the parents/guardians, if they are not in the country legally. If the school fails to report that, the congress can deny federal funds to that school.

If you have no job and no place to live, and you can’t put your child in school without being deported, you don’t stay.

Refuse Asylum Requests from Citizens of Countries with stable governments

As these countries have the rule of law and stable government, asylum isn’t necessary. This allows the US to immediately deport everyone from these countries — without a hearing — and eliminates people needlessly being stuck in detention centers or let loose in the county for years to await a court date. The immigration courts are currently backed up 5 years with asylum claims — 80% of which are denied. Eliminating claims from a countries with a stable govt means, real cases can be processed quickly.

Remand unaccompanied child immigrants to their embassy or consulate immediately upon arrival.

The best thing for these children is to be in the care of their own countrymen, who speak their own language, and are able to reunite them with their parents. This is why embassy people exist, to help their own people. The country of origin can use its better placed resources to find the parents and pay for the care and then return of the child.

Don’t allow non-citizens to own property.

Sure they can rent it long term, but not own it. Lots of countries do this. They have 99-year leases. It doesn’t effect trade or employment or tourism at all. It’s simple. It keeps American soil in American hands.

Change the 10th Amendment.

The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States).

It’s entirely possible with so many Republican governors and state assemblies, that they can change the 10th Amendment. They only need 33 state legislatures to call a convention. currently Republicans control 32. (By the way, media folks and Democrats, you should be all over this fact. You’re failing to see that radical constitutional changes are 1 state away) 

If the 2018 election adds to that number one state legislature, or Republicans can swing one more legislature to vote with them, they can change the 10th amendment so that no one can be a US citizen without being born to a citizen. They might even back date it to anyone born to a non citizen in the last 7 years.

Lots of countries have this rule. This eliminates things like birth-tourism. California recently had Chinese nationals coming in and giving birth to get US citizenship for their children then going back to China. Think about that. Communist Party elite, intentionally come to California to give birth to an “American”, takes that child back to China and raises them in the Communist Party system, then sends that child back at 18 to be claim “US citizenship” and that child is then eligible to be the US President.

No one should be allowed to enter the country without a visa.

Right now we have visa waiver program with some countries (about 40). People from other countries are required to have visas. About 50% of those who are illegal overstayed their visa.  That’s the government’s statistic. Our visa tracking system should issue a BOLO on someone’s passport that person hasn’t left the country after his/her visa expired. Then that person should be deported and banned from returning.

This list below shows only suspected overstays by people from visa waiver countries who remained in the US after they should have left. The reason they’re suspected is because they came in on the waiver, so we don’t really keep that tight an eye on them. This should be changed because, as we know from the terrorists attacks in France and Germany,  Europe’s refugee / immigration confirmation situation isn’t that great.[45]  

Country Number of
overstay rate
total number
of expected
Andorra 3 0.24%
Australia 3,964 0.30%
Austria 2,694 1.28%
Belgium 1,477 0.51%
Brunei 10 0.87%
Chile 6,553 2.14%
Czech Republic 1,422 1.46%
Denmark 1,812 0.56%
Estonia 191 0.49%
Finland 747 0.49%
France 11,973 0.68%
Germany 21,394 1.02%
Greece 1,333 1.87%
Hungary 1,860 2.45%
Iceland 199 0.39%
Ireland 1,797 0.40%
Italy 17,661 1.49%
Japan 5,603 0.19%
Korea, South 7,120 0.63%
Latvia 273 1.46%
Liechtenstein 12 0.59%
Lithuania 480 1.81%
Luxembourg 75 0.53%
Malta 44 0.80%
Monaco 4 0.44%
Netherlands 7,723 1.09%
New Zealand 1,451 0.40%
Norway 1,423 0.39%
Portugal 3,822 2.01%
San Marino 16 2.28%
Singapore 481 0.29%
Slovakia 1,043 2.09%
Slovenia 278 0.99%
Spain 12,559 1.21%
Sweden 2,782 0.42%
Switzerland 2,402 0.48%
Taiwan 1,888 0.33%
United Kingdom 18,950 0.43%
TOTAL 153,166 0.73%

Put a stricter controls and limits on all non-immigrant visas.

This would be things such as H2A (agricultural) worker visas, student visas, tourist visas, H1 visas, etc. Stop H1 visas for a couple years. It’s entirely possible to train US citizens to do the work. Companies just want cheap labor. This has been a huge problem over and over again. Student visas are a similar problem. I run into it frequently when I hire people. For example, I actually had Indian woman, a student from a Christian university, call me up in response to a temp job I had posted and tell me I should give her a job but I had to pay her in cash as she was here on a student visa. She wanted to knowingly violate her student visa. I reported her to her school who said “she would be spoken to and her status would be clarified.”

Use a cross check system to eliminate dual citizenship.

It’s not legal for a US citizen to have dual citizenship,  but the US hasn’t really enforced this to date. In order to get US citizenship, you have to surrender your old passport to get a US one. My British friend who became a citizen told me this. The problem is, she can (and did) then go back to her old country’s embassy and get a British passport again because they allow you to have one if you were born there.

This is a problem. It’s divided loyalty for one. We have this law, we just don’t enforce it. Look a the list of countries where dual citizenship is allowed. Note the number of countries that terrorists come from. Do you really want a US citizen to have dual citizenship with Russia? It’s probably time the US tightened up on this law.

Countries which Allow Dual Citizenship

Countries which allow the acquisition of dual citizenship include:

Denmark Grenada Latvia Philippines Switzerland
Australia Dominica Hungary Lebanon Poland Syria
Bangladesh Ecuador Iceland Lithuania
Portugal Thailand
Belgium Egypt Macedonia Romania Turkey
El Salvador Iraq Malta Russia United Kingdom
Fiji Ireland Mexico
United States of America
Canada Finland Israel Montenegro Spain Vietnam
Chile France Italy New Zealand Sri Lanka Western Samoa
Colombia Germany Jordan Pakistan St. Kitts and Nevis
Cyprus Georgia
Peru Sweden

Make GENDER/AGE a consideration for every type of visa.

Something people tend to forget about when issuing visas and green cards is gender. The US should consider gender as a primary factor in granting ANY green card or visa. If they let in 40 single men from on H1 visas, they should let in 42 single women on H1 visas. This not about equality, although that would be a good reason to do it. It’s about keeping your society from experience more crime.

A normal society has 105 women born to every 100 men. When societies end up with more men than women (like India and China, because of years of aborting female fetuses), they tend to end up with a lot of sexual frustration and turn into rape cultures. Poor men can’t afford wives, they have no available women to marry, so …. rape, incest, use of prostitutes, sexual trafficking of young girls and women all becomes way prevalent. In such cultures authorities don’t do much about rape, gang rape, etc, except ignore it or blame the victim. They don’t care about women.

Unfortunately now we see this same kind of things happening in Europe (in places like Germany and Sweden) as a direct result of allowing in a sudden influx of thousands of young male refugees (almost exclusively from countries which have no cultural construct of women’s rights) and refugee families, without admitting thousands of young women.

They have seen an uptick in crimes of a sexual nature. And I’m not accusing these young  refugees. What I’m saying is that refugee/immigrant young men + the native young men, create a sudden and severe gender imbalance that never goes away. And that leads to an increase in crimes of a sexual nature. And while Western governments do prosecute rape and are working harder to integrate people, it’s not going help unless they address the underlying problem, a politically created gender imbalance across the age groups.

If the US wants to keep society on an even keel, it should focus on creating a natural balance of the genders among age groups. When 50 25-year-old men come in on an H1 visa to work. There should be 55  20-25 year old woman allowed in from other countries on H1 visas to work.  This keeps the peace in society. And I’m using gender as a basis understanding that a natural portion of those folks will be LGBTQ as well.

So, to recap.

  1. I’m not in any way anti-immigration.
  2. I’m not advocating doing any of these things I just mentioned.
  3. I’m just saying even I can think of ways that are simple, cheap, logical, largely inoffensive steps (many of which have existed for decades) the US can use to start to fix immigration problems — all of which the POTUS ignored in favor of a sweeping, probably illegal, unconstitutional, totally ill-advised and self-aggrandizing gesture.

To be honest, Republicans don’t really want to fix immigration, at all. They never have. Have you ever seen a Republican govt do anything about immigration? Nope. So this is all about optics. Building a big wall seems like POTUS is doing something about immigration. But in reality POTUS is just inflating his ego, while harming international relations and hurting people.

Okay, the Muslim Ban, next up.

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