Fly me to the moon

Nevermind, Honey, I'll fly myself!

Nevermind, Honey, I’ll fly myself!

I had that dream again. I have it frequently, even when I’m not seeing anyone.

I’m standing at the altar, sometimes with someone I know, sometimes with a stranger, and then it happens, the “Do you . . . ?’ moment.

And I say, “Sorry, no. ”

No groom ever takes it as an insult or a devastating event in the dream. In fact, everyone always seem genuinely happy for me, that I said no.

It’s very strange.

Last night I dumped the male partner of a female friend. They’re in a committed relationship and even have a baby together. He’s a nice guy, but I don’t care for him.

So why him? I’ve no idea.

After I dumped Ike, the wedding singer began crooning Fly Me to the Moon. And the next thing I knew, I was drifting through space admiring the stars.

I suppose that’s the truth of it, I’m just too much head in the heavens to leave my heart on the ground.


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