That red carpet walk

But can she walk like a lady?

It’s not an insult if it’s true.

One of my friends, Bryant, recently had heard a radio show where a famous comedienne was asked to watch a  Oscar-winning comedy she had never seen.

She watched 5 minutes, and turned it off. She gave the experience a 0 out of 10. She called the film inane and so sexist and demeaning to women it was impossible to watch.

The film was Some Like It Hot. To be fair, it’s 60 years old.

This made Bryant wonder: is there a point at which a film, how ever lauded in its day, is just no good anymore? And if so, is it more about the material or the age of the film?

Last night he gathered about 20 of us together to watch an older movie none of us had seen before but which had won a best picture Oscar, Titanic. It’s about 20 years old and is set in a by-gone age.

Reactions were mixed.

Everyone agreed, worth the price of a ticket. But no one felt it was a monumentally great film.  It had too many flaws, of every kind.

Let’s face it, if one is intent on making a profit off the horrific death of 1514 people, it’s important to get things right. They didn’t.

At any rate, I’m not sure Bryant got his answer. I’ll have to attend other screenings and read the PhD thesis later.

I will say that I did enjoy all the actors’ performance and the love story. And I’m glad Rose never became a society lady. Beauty that she was, she walked like a plow pony.

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