Always be a lady


Let’s be honest, a woman with real power wears more clothes, not less.

At a recent lunch, some friends were discussing Game of Thrones. Tiberius had loved all the books and enjoyed the HBO series. Platonia had only watched the series but liked it. Marie Claire had liked the series, but had stopped trying to read (actually listen) to book one because the names were too confusing.

As for myself?

I’ve not read the books, although I image they would be interesting because books tend to have actual plots — unlike TV programs. I did skim through Season 1 of the series. By skim I mean, I watched all 10 hours in 2. It was easy really, every time I saw a naked person or a person having sex, I fast forwarded. Realistically, I missed none of what there was to the “plot” and I cut out all the boring bits.

But back to the table talk.

Platonia and Marie Claire were having  a very heated discussion about the now almost grown-up dragons and whether the Khaleesi would be able to control them. Platonia thought the dragons had minds of their own. Marie Claire plumped for Khaleesi loyalty from the beasts.

Finally Platonia said, “Well you’re wrong. Because that’s just not how adult dragons behave!”

I could bear it no longer.

“And you know this because we have so much scientific data about the life-cycle of dragons,” I interjected calmly, while waving over the waiter for the desert cart.

They all laughed. And thankfully we moved on to less fiery, more scientific topics.

(The thing crawling up the chair behind her is a parrot, not a dragon!)


2 thoughts on “Always be a lady

  1. I’ve neither read nor seen ‘The Game of Thrones’ but of course I’ve hear more and more about it. I’m not much one for Vampires, odd creatures or kettles with souls but then I may have got the wrong end of the stick and this series is placed in our natural world and stars natural people. soon, I feel sure, I will be sucked into watching it

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