Bad Medicine, Good Curling


The other day I woke up with all the symptoms of strep throat. So, I called my doctor — who informed me the next available appointment was in late April.

I was told I could go to the Urgent Care. That’s right. My doctor is sending me to an Urgent Care because she’s too busy to see me.

At the UC, after telling the nurse why I was there, she said, “Do you want to do the strep test, or just have us treat you for strep? The test is $20.”

That’s right. The UC was offering me antibiotics, without a doctor even seeing me or anyone performing a test that says I have strep.

So I went home and treated myself. It’s amazing how chicken soup and watching hours and hours of Olympic curling can make one feel so much better than drugs.

And let’s be honest. Those Norwegian men and their pants . . . .  Mm, mm, good.


2 thoughts on “Bad Medicine, Good Curling

  1. that’s terrible – aren’t doctors supposed to be using antibiotics only as needed? What about superbugs – don’t they care about that?
    The other day a friend told my mum she’d “bullied” her doctor into prescribing antibiotics for the whole family, even though the doctor didn’t want to. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.
    Good for you saying no to the drugs. You can have the pants, though! This bear is a bit more fond of women’s figure skating 🙂

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