But my dear, even Frank the Pug knows the answer to that.

I have been crunching data for a couple months now. I’d like to say things are going well, but. . . the result of my analyses so far is two people being fired and one being imprisoned for forgery.

This is why I don’t like doing data analysis — of any stripe. I always see the anomalies and the anomalies always lead to unpleasant results.

There are good aspects to working for Pic though. Almost everyone there is a handsome young Virgo.  It’s a slice of heaven being with so many men who like quiet and order quite as much as I do.

The vast majority of these attentive Virgos are extremely nerdy. They like drawing graphic novels, carrying Star Wars lunch boxes, going to movies like Her or Thor, listening to Moth Radio Hour, or engaging in Street Fighter parties on weekends.

The other day I walked in and was asked by one of them to tell everyone the 8 major languages of the world. That’s a fairly typical “good morning” there.

I recited the list in under a minute, with no help. This was quite unlike the brightest nerd in the room who, according to his friends, couldn’t do it even with consulting his smartphone.

I discovered, unfortunately, that French is no longer as de rigeur as Bengali. But 7 of 8 is not bad.

Yes, they were quite in awe — of my unremarkable grasp of what goes on in the real world. And I was quite amused for the rest of the day.

One really hasn’t lived till one’s been idolized for one’s intelligence by a room full of male Virgo nerds with post-grad degrees.

(The eight are English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, and Bengali)

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