Accusations Fly, but I prefer to walk


The heat in Pic’s offices was non existent. So I went home and brought back a heat dish and my fingerless mittens. I  assumed Pic was fighting with the building manager (BM). But I mentioned it to him, just in case.

The BM was called. He turned up at 5.30, hoping everyone was gone, but was met by some cold stragglers, including myself.  I won’t say things got ugly but . . . .

First he discoursed about the heat, stating that “no one in 201 had complained” and since they were adjoining and shared our HVAC unit, the implication was that we must be the problem.

To which the office manager replied, “Ok, we’ll just bring in space heaters but your electric bill will go through the roof.” (The rent is all inclusive.)

And at that point, the BM admitted he shuts off the building’s HVAC, remotely, between 6 pm and 7 am every night, in order to keep his costs down.

“However,”  he opined,  “the individual timer for your offices could be broken.” Since no one had rented the office in almost 2 years, he just assumed it still functioned.

He promised to have someone look at it the following day.

Then, and here’s where it gets weird, the BM accused Pic’s office workers of  . . . let’s call it unbecoming conduct.

The previous day, two of Pic’s male workers walked into the men’s room to find upon a toilet lid a BM (not a building manager). They had immediately reported this discovery to Pic’s office manager, but she had not reported it to the BM.

Nevertheless, apparently someone, perhaps the building’s cleaning crew, did.

The BM looked at us (all women) and said: “You’re the only new tenants.” In  his mind, since the problem was new, and Pic’s tenancy was new, it must therefore follow that some male at Pic’s office was at fault.

Pic had hired one young man the day “it” happened.  New Guy has worked for him before, twice, and has always been a model employee.

I suppose the BM could accuse the New Guy, since he’s the newest. However, New Guy is the only young, male, African-American in the entire building. So, I’m guessing he won’t.

I get that it’s a locked bathroom and “the offender” had to be someone with a key.

But, really, isn’t the likely explanation that a male worker from another office had an accident, didn’t have the wherewithal needed to clean it up, but was too embarrassed to call the BM about the situation?

Or if you want to reach for “hostile intent,” why not assume one of your white male tenants didn’t like the addition of an African-American male to the building. And I say this because this exact same thing happened previously, under almost the same circumstances.

A man of color was hired and that very same day . . . .

Of course, given Pic’s past history with the BM, I’m actually surprised it took this long for relations to deteriorate. It’s been 6 weeks since Pic moved into the building.

And with 5 months to go, I imagine things will be ridiculously bad by the end.

To be honest, Bad Me can’t wait to see just how bad it goes. And then write about it. That is, of course, if I don’t walk out before then.


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